Chamber of Commerce president Ronnie Viera. *File photo
Chamber of Commerce president Ronnie Viera. *File photo

Ronnie Viera said there needs to be more foreign workers in Bermuda if residents are to continue to have the lifestyle they currently enjoy.

He added there needs to be more discussion with residents to explain how the Bermudian economy works.

The Chamber of Commerce president said it was “vexing and concerning” that the debate about term limits continues.

He made those statements in a report given at the Chamber’s Annual General Meeting held at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess on Monday.

“There is most certainly a high degree of distrust held amongst some sections in Bermudian society, with those of us in business,” he said. “The debate highlights, in my mind, the dire need for community discussion on how our small but complex economy works.

“While we all agree Bermudians need to have access to jobs, the facts clearly indicate that we must have more people living and working in Bermuda in order to sustain the lifestyle we have become accustomed to and create jobs for those Bermudians who are currently unemployed.

“The problem will only become more difficult in the ensuing years as the population ages and there are less Bermudians of working age paying into the system.”

He said more Bermudians need to understand “that foreigners working and living here is a good thing for Bermuda and critical to maintain our standard of living”.