*BermudaToday screenshot
*BermudaToday screenshot

A new kind of website bringing together all the latest information on Bermuda is being rolled out today. 

Bermudatoday.com aggregates information using technology similar to Google, but focuses only on information related to Bermuda and presents the information in a more structured and more user friendly manner.

“I am pleased by the initial response to the new site,” said website developer Andrew Beek.


 “Everyone seems very interested in the ability to quickly locate new Bermuda information in one place as soon as it becomes available on the web.”

The information gathered includes links to the most recent jobs, volunteer opportunities, weather, property for sale and rent, flights to and from Bermuda, local news, classified, events, social media and much more. 

Bermudatoday.com monitors all the Bermuda-related websites and automatically updates as new postings become available.

For example, looking for an apartment to rent or a property to purchase has never been easier. 

No more checking multiple websites several times daily. With bermudatoday.com links to the latest listings are made available all on one screen. 

Clicking on one of these links will open up the information provider’s website.

As another example, reviewing the online news also requires checking multiple websites but with bermudatoday.com, as seen in the excerpt to the right, links to the latest news stories are listed all in one place. 

For information providers, bermudatoday.com will drive traffic to their sites by alerting visitors when new content is available.