CLEAN: Propane gas is an environmentally-friendly source of power.
CLEAN: Propane gas is an environmentally-friendly source of power.


It was on May 17, 1912, that propane gas began lighting the lamps and cooking the meals of a farmhouse in Waterford, Pennsylvania, US. 

That marked the introduction of propane for household use, and now — 100 years later — understanding the value of propane.

What is propane gas?

Propane is a hydrocarbon (chemical composition is C3H8), also referred to as liquefied petroleum gas.

It is a by-product of natural gas refining, making use of what would otherwise be discarded.

It is non-toxic and not harmful to soil or water, and emits fewer greenhouse gases than other fuels like gasoline and diesel.

Why use propane?

Propane is increasingly becoming a popular fuel choice for water heaters, air conditioners, clothes dryers, stoves and fireplace logs, and for good reason.

It turns out propane possesses many attributes that have become quite favourable in today’s energy-conscious world, and has much to offer the island. Propane gas is an excellent fuel choice for those seeking an environmentally-friendly source of power to run their appliances and commercial equipment.

In fact, propane has been granted ‘clean fuel’ status by both the US 1990 Clean Air Act and the National Energy Policy Act of 1992. 

Today, more than 14 million families worldwide use propane to fuel their appliances and heat their homes.

How will propane benefit me?

Switching to propane can reduce your overall energy costs by as much as 20 per cent.

Propane appliances take less time and energy to accomplish their task, providing you with savings.

Best of all, they are not affected by power outages, making them perfect during hurricane season.  Good to know.

Power of propane – worth considering

At Bermuda Gas, we continue to look for ways to deliver value through the variety of products offered and the quality of the propane gas we deliver. 

In addition, our new facility now makes it more convenient than ever for customers to conduct all of their Bermuda Gas business in one location.

Jonathan Boyles is the gas distribution manager for Bermuda Gas. Visit the showroom at 25 Serpentine Rd, Pembroke or call 295-3111. See