Victory: Lovitta Foggo helped save clinic in St David’s. *File photo by Nicola Muirhead
Victory: Lovitta Foggo helped save clinic in St David’s. *File photo by Nicola Muirhead

This, our first in opposition, has been a year of reflection, understanding, facing and acknowledging how we can better represent and deliver a better Bermuda for Bermudians. 

Taking a look in the mirror at ourselves has not always been pleasant and not always has been easy, but it has been positive and productive.

We continue to open our minds to the ideas of Bermudians from across all spectrums. In a changing world we are continuously redefining what it means to be pro-labour and pro-business in the 21st Century.  

Our Blueprint

We have energized today’s PLP by adding five new dynamic MPs, two new fully engaged Senators and an ignited party executive. This has given The PLP an influx of talent and different perspectives of ideas. Under new leadership, they have blended with our veterans and party stalwarts, to create fresh visions and directions.  

Going forward we will continue to seek new talent and create more opportunities for additional Bermudians to get involved. Continuing our evolution into a party for and representative of 21st Century Bermudians.

PLP HQ is not the only place where good ideas may be found. We must lean more heavily into our own vast Bermudian talent pool to give us the answers we seek.  To this end we have hosted Town Hall Meetings on subjects ranging from crime, immigration, the SAGE Commission Report to political and social history and Bermuda’s changing economy.

Bermuda cannot and will not work politically, economically or socially when Bermudians are excluded, left behind and treated with contempt.  That’s why we’ve produced a plan to: 

Aid the private sector in creating jobs for Bermudians;

 Expand fairness and opportunity in the workplace;

 Remove red tape and create red carpet for the creation of new Bermudian businesses;

 Diversify the economy;

 Reduce costs on necessities like food and electricity;

 Reform Financial Assistance so that it helps, not hurts Bermudians who are truly in need.

We have worked with the OBA, supporting them when appropriate, freely sharing the benefit of our experience and ideas when needed and always fighting to ensure Bermudians being included every step of the way. 

The lessons of 2012 and the experience of 2013 have informed and have helped to continue evolving the Progressive Labour Party.  

We will continue to:

 Communicate, listen to and interact with the people of Bermuda;

 Help guide Bermudians towards economic, social and political empowerment in our country by encouraging attitudes of doing for self, entrepreneurship and self-determination;

 Seek the balance between pro-labour and pro-business.

Change is a process, not a final destination. We are guided by the people of Bermuda, learning from our mistakes, and building on our successes.  We continuously seek new ways to better serve and deliver on a Bermuda that benefits Bermudians first. This is today’s PLP.

To Bermuda, we thank you for your continued support and look forward to helping Bermudians reach and realize their full potential. Through encouragement, education and evolution we will become a stronger nation.

Please continue to hold us in your hearts and prayers.