Impressed: Dr Brown says the OBA is proving to be ‘decisive’. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Impressed: Dr Brown says the OBA is proving to be ‘decisive’. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

Though he’s been out of public office for three years, the imposing persona of Dr Ewart Brown still looms large over our political landscape. Love or loathe him, few would argue convincingly that they truly know the man or his motives.

Here, in the second instalment of a two-part interview, the former Premier talks to Mikaela Ian Pearman about the General Election and the OBA Government, the Uyghurs saga, cruise ship gaming, race and his legacy as Premier. The first part of the interview is available here: Ewart Brown, unplugged.

Dr Ewart Brown cites “complacency” as a key factor behind the PLP’s loss in the General Election.  “I do believe that we did not inspire our base as we were able to do in previous elections,” he told us.


The former Premier also shared his views on the fledgling One Bermuda Alliance Government, praising its ‘decisiveness’.

The OBA was swept into power on December 17, with a two seat with over the PLP, 19 to 17.

Premier Paula Cox was ousted, along with PLP veteran Dame Jennifer Smith.

In 2007, under Dr Brown, the PLP won 22 seats to the UBP’s 14.

Asked why his party lost in 2012, Dr Brown said: “I think we lost because you only lose elections because of two things: The things you didn’t do that you should have done and the things that you did that you should not have done.” He continued: “But we got a little complacent. I do believe that we got complacent.”

Asked why why Ms Cox lost her seat, Dr Brown said: “I don’t know. I was as shocked as anyone else.  As you know in the PLP, that seat is considered the sacred seat.

“I have to tell you that I was totally floored when I got that information and I suppose she can explain it better than I could.”

Dr Brown also shared his thoughts on new PLP leader Marc Bean: “Marc is a bright guy. As you know, he worked with us in Cabinet as a consultant. He was a Senator. He demonstrated years ago that he has the ability.

“I expect that when he’s able to get his arms around the entity called the PLP as he would like, he’s going to do extremely well.

“I welcome the infusion of youth in the PLP. I called for it, as you know, during my tenure.

“I don’t want it to be to the exclusion of the old heads. A political party should have a blend of all ages and I expect that Marc will be the conductor who produces sweet music for the PLP.”

Dr Brown also said he was pleased so far with the OBA’s style of governing.

“Well, I think one thing is clear, they are decisive — which is my kind of politics. I hope people don’t call them dictatorial.

“But when you win an election it is your obligation to execute the agenda and that is what I’ve seen so far. So far, so good.

“I’ve seen a few little cracks, which should not be ignored, but I do believe that they will have the opportunity — and especially with the almost automatic support of the business community — they will be able to achieve some things in quick order.”