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CONSULTATION: John Fletcher and a client discuss addressing issues with energy therapy.
Photo supplied CONSULTATION: John Fletcher and a client discuss addressing issues with energy therapy.

Increasing numbers of people are turning to alternative medicine as a means of treating various ailments and issues in their lives.

In Bermuda we are fortunate to have a wide variety of practitioners in this field, which ranges from Reiki to Brazilian light energization, to RoHun and Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation.

John Fletcher has been a practitioner of holistic healing, or energy therapy, for four years in Bermuda.

Mr Fletcher has 18 years of training and established his own holistic healing service, Peak Performance Professionals, a year ago.

What is holistic healing?

Holistic healing aims to bring someone back to “wholeness, health and alignment”, according to Mr Fletcher.

“The basic concept is that our most fundamental foundation is actually energy as opposed to matter,” he said.

“Since our core is actually energy, practitioners of holistic healing can use energy to help to transform the mind, body and spirit.

“Holistic healing blends in well with ‘modern medicine. My techniques combine psychology, quantum physics and energy manipulation.

“Scientists exploring quantum physics have concluded that space itself — the space between atoms and electrons — is actually information and energy. An atom contains protons, electrons and neutrons, but also quarks, particles, waves and the Planck field (named after Professor Max Planck who discovered it). So that is the space itself.

“They also called that Zero Point. What’s inside this ‘nothing’, this space, is actually information and energy.

“The theory is that when dealing with every element — whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical or physic/empathetic — all of our ailments actually have energetic contributions and causes.

“The most powerful generator of electro-magnetic frequency is the brain, and then the heart. So, physical ailments are also symptoms of energetic distress or blockage.

“When someone takes some medicine, herbs or food, every single atom of this has a frequency.

“Molecules, cells, tissues and organs; our bodies, and everything we sense with our five senses; the reason we can sense them is because they have a frequency.

“The physical things we can sense are actually slow-moving energy. This is the basis behind energy therapy/holistic healing.”

“My techniques combine psychology, quantum physics and energy manipulation.”

Mr Fletcher employs two techniques — EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and the Midas Touch Method.

EFT is a combination or Shiatsu (acu-pressure) and psychology, which “helps to identify and release the emotional causes of symptoms”.

The Midas Touch Method combines chi or qi energy (energy used in martial arts such as Tai chi or Chi-gong).

“I also use a combination of the Yuen Method, NLP and Law of Attraction techniques,” said Mr Fletcher.


“The benefits of holistic healing/energy therapy are that, first of all, it gets to the true source of the symptoms of an illness, and the second thing is, it brings the body back to wholeness and balance. The third thing is, there are no side effects,” he said.

“When the mind, body and spirit are in alignment, people are completely whole. This also has to do with the Law of Attraction.

“If someone is not in alignment, even though they are taking physical actions, they will not achieve their goal. They are not in the right vibration on a consistent basis.”

He explained being ‘not in alignment’ as, “when a person has a higher quantity and intensity of negative thoughts or mental pictures about what they are trying to accomplish”.

Mr Fletcher also runs a carpet cleaning business, Abu’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning. He grew up in Houston, Texas, and said his mother also had a keen interest in psychology and sociology.

“At a very young age she was teaching the family all about psychology, meditation and self-help,” he said.

“I then enjoyed psychology in high school and started reading books on how to achieve your goals, on body language and the basics of psychology, including Sigmund Freud.

“In college I was introduced to a field called Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, popularized by Anthony Robbins.

“That was an eye-opener for me because with it I could decode my own patterns and habits, both mentally and physically, and help others to decode and change their habits.

“The other important thing was that I also learned how to ‘model’ other people. Once you decode someone’s habits you then have a ‘recipe’ and can then modify it to create similar results.”

He explained modeling behaviours as, “finding out a person’s ‘recipe’ of thoughts, mental pictures, words, steps and actions, as they perform the behaviour you want to emulate”.

“It is putting yourself completely in someone else’s shoes, as if you were them. By doing so and adjusting the ‘recipe’ to suit your own personal style, you can quickly produce similar results,” he said.

After college Mr Fletcher continued to study the field of psychology and NLP.

He said: “In 2008 in Houston I met a master practitioner of NLP, Victor Escalante. He was a life coach and inspired me to become a life coach.

“NLP, to the best of my knowledge, is the fastest and most comprehensive way to change identity and ‘model’ behaviour.

“It’s one of the fastest resistance removal techniques and is excellent with helping to overcome phobias, addictions, recurring physical ailments, self-esteem issues and even relationship problems.

“But to bring instant healing to someone’s mind, body and spirit, you need years of application and study with a master practitioner.”

Mr Fletcher added: “NLP led me to discover something called the Yuen Method, that utilizes chi energy.

“I began using this in early 2010, with phenomenal results. I’ve helped pregnant women get over morning sickness, healed migraines within 15 minutes and I’ve helped to bring resolution and forgiveness to many people troubled by issues from the past.

“I’ve helped to cure back problems, reduce high-blood pressure and help clients’ metabolism. I’ve relieved anger issues and removed phobias and addictions, such as smoking, alcohol and chocolate.

“Phobias can be anything from a fear of spiders to fear of success or failure.

“One of my clients had an incredible fear of cockroaches. Since part of her house was under construction, roaches were getting inside and flying around, and she wouldn’t go home.

“But I managed to remove the phobia and helped to empower her.

“Now she is comfortable at home and doesn’t flee when she sees a cockroach.”

Mr Fletcher started practicing energy therapy in Bermuda in 2009. He is certified in EFT and has also taken holistic healing training courses such as Reiki.

“I help to remove people’s energy ‘blocks’ and ‘limiting beliefs’. This can lead them to manifest money, new jobs, careers and opportunities, and so on.”

Although Bermuda is a religious country, most people are open to the concept of energy therapy, said Mr Fletcher.

“My holistic healing techniques integrate well into religious beliefs,” he said.

“Occasionally I will receive a concern or objection, but my general answer is that this is just another tool to employ in order to help someone to become the best person they can be.

“I help to remove the road blocks, whether they are mental, physical, emotional, spiritual or other.

Mr Fletcher said he believes most illnesses are a result of negative energy/emotions, such as hate, anger, stress or depression.

“Once these issues are resolved and the person forgives, or moves on, then the body recalibrates itself from its fighting state,” he said.

He has also treated people with cancer, and believes holistic healing brings more benefits than traditional medicine, as there are “no side effects”.

“Every time someone has surgery, the body interprets the surgery as a trauma, and reacts with ‘protective measures’ such as swelling and inflammation.  Pharmaceutical medicines can also have potential side effects, and sometimes the body has to recuperate from the medicines themselves.

“I hope the general public will become more aware of the amazing alternative healing techniques that are available here in Bermuda.

“Once people have had a session they are usually so amazed with the results that they tell their friends and family members.”

How does holistic healing work?

Mr Fletcher’s treatment sessions can last from just 10 minutes to up to three-and-a-half hours, but are an hour in length on average.

He gave an example of how one of his techniques, EFT, works.

“With EFT, a client will give me a ‘target’ of what they want to work on, for example, a phobia of spiders.

“They will have stronger subconscious and conscious negative thoughts of spiders than positive ones, and their subconscious mind tells their conscious mind to recognize that this issue or phobia needs a resolution, by producing the feeling of fear.

“Once I know the target I ask the client to tell me on a scale of 0 to 10 — 10 being the highest level — how strong the phobia is.

“I then get them to visualize where in the body they feel the discomfort, because this may be different for everyone.

“I then get them to visualize the discomfort by giving it a colour, size and shape. This brings their subconscious references to the conscious mind.

“Then I start ‘tapping’ on their (physical) meridians, while telling them to repeat ‘reminder phrases’ such as, ‘I completely release and let go of this fear of spiders’.”

Tapping involves using his hand to tap, or pat, someone on the head or another part of the body where key meridians are located. At the same time the person is encouraged to think of how the ‘target’ makes them feel, and to repeat the reminder phrase.

“As I tap I ask the client to repeat after me the phrase ‘ I release and let go of this phobia’, and ‘It’s safe to let it go now’,” he said.

“The tapping helps to move toxins and ‘blocks’ from the body. When someone is opposed to, or in conflict with something, they produce chemicals that have receptor sites on cells. This gives the person a physiological effect which the brain perceives of as an emotion.

“Meridians are connected to the nervous system and subconscious mind,” said Mr Fletcher.

“As the person ‘feels’ their phobia and generates negative bio-electrical distress, we tap on the meridians to send positive energy through their body.

“The vibration over a particular issue changes from negative to positive and this leads to the person’s manifestations changing, such as money, health and relationships.

“If someone is no longer angry at their spouse or partner, or another person connected to an issue, then they will no longer generate negative energy. This therefore leads to more positive energy, and improved health and manifestations.”

Mr Fletcher said: “I use the ‘reminder’ phrases in the hope that the positive energy will start to displace the negative. When it does have an impact, the person physically feels the difference.

“Because their subconscious references have changed, their conscious ones will also change in intensity, in colour, shape and size.”

He will describe another scenario involving the person’s phobia or issue and then ask them how they feel about it on a scale of 0-10. After the tapping, usually the number given in response is lower in strength relating to the fear or anxiety.

“Once the phobia or manifestation is changed, it doesn’t come back at the same intensity,” he said.

“If it does come back it will be a weaker level of intensity and duration.

“Once the negative energy is reduced to a scale of three or less, the body and mind are now ready to accept and replace the phobia with a positive mental construct instead.”

The brain recalibrates to a new balance.

Mr Fletcher said: “Many  medical experts agree that most of our physical ailments are caused by stress, depression or low self-esteem.

“There’s a Bible phrase which states, ‘As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he’.

“The subconscious mind focuses your beliefs, and manifests accordingly.”


Contact Mr Fletcher on 531-1001 or e-mail He also works with groups and companies to lower stress levels, decrease sick days and increase productivity. Website or ‘John holistichealer’ on Facebook.