The motto of the Hamilton Medical Centre is service, service, service!

The centre is dedicated to bringing both convenience and confidence to blood testing.

We believe patients should have some degree of autonomy and insist on the right to choose when and where they wish to have their blood testing done, on the basis of what is convenient for them.

Traditionally, when the average patient in Bermuda is told to have a blood test by their doctor, they are essentially given no choice as to where that test can be taken.

Typically they are directed to the hospital or to their doctor’s own laboratory.

The Hamilton Medical Centre strives to create a pleasant environment with a North American feel.

We believe the choice on where to have a blood test or any medical investigation should be yours.

The Hamilton Medical Centre is situated in the centre of Hamilton (behind City Hall car park) and no appointment is necessary — just pop by with a blood request form from your doctor.

You will be seen quickly by one of our highly-skilled phlebotomists (technicians).

At our lab you won’t be a ‘pin cushion’! Our highly-trained staff know that a blood test can be a stressful experience. That is why it was a priority for us to select only the most skilled phlebotomists to do the job.

The Hamilton Medical Center is open from 6:45am to 5:30pm, and from 9am to 1pm on Saturdays.

Your blood tests are completely covered by medical insurance, including HIP and Future Care (with only a few exceptions).

You won’t be required to pay anything out of pocket above what your insurance covers.

We charge less to your insurance company than other laboratories, thereby providing a cost saving to the Bermuda healthcare system.

When it comes to results, the centre will confidentially fax your results to your doctor within two to three hours on average.

Our laboratory is fully accredited by COLA (Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation), one of the most respected laboratory accreditation bodies worldwide.

We also have Portuguese-speaking staff and walk-in TCD (Transport Control Department) physical examinations.

No more waiting until next week for an appointment with your doctor; just walk in. The Hamilton Medical Centre has TCD forms on hand and will do your TCD medical instantly.

The Hamilton Medical Centre also performs drug screening, STD (sexually transmitted disease) testing, paternity testing, immigration physicals, as well as life insurance and health insurance medicals.

The next time you have to do a blood test why not try out this new way of doing medicine?

You may have to persuade your doctor a little, but remember, the choice is yours.

Hamilton Medical Centre, 9 Victoria Street, Hamilton. Telephone 400-8378. Website