ALL-WEATHER: Protect your pooch with a raincoat.
PHOTOS SUPPLIED ALL-WEATHER: Protect your pooch with a raincoat.

If you’re looking for fashion for Fido, check out the clothing for canines at Puppiez + Supplies.

The Warwick store has everything from football shirts to dresses and raincoats to ensure your dog leads the fashion pack.

Owner Sian Hall said: “Everyone seems to love our football shirts. We have Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and AC Milan. And we also have World Cup teams such as Brazil and Argentina.

“Dressing up your dog is a growing trend, and we have a good selection at a reasonable price.

“People love our shades (sunglasses) for dogs and we also have dresses, T-shirts and raincoats in different designs, in various sizes. We have everything for small dogs to large.”

Miss Hall has run a dog grooming service for the past six years and launched Puppiez + Supplies in March in response to clients’ requests for dog accessories.

She now sells dog food and treats, toys, brushes, beds, puppy pads, leashes and collars, plus clothing.

“Business is doing well,” said Miss Hall.

“We’ve got everything for Chihuahuas to Great Danes, and everything in between.

“People like the location here. There are pet stores in Devonshire and Somerset, but it’s less distance to travel for some dog owners.

“We keep prices reasonable and try to do different products and styles.

“Even with our leashes, we have different designs such as a leopard print.

“We also get unusual requests, some which can be a little outrageous, such as strollers for dogs!”

Miss Hall, who owns two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels named Gabbana and Shiloh, said she now hopes to add more pet products to her stock.

“I have some horse supplies and am also working on bringing in more items for cats, plus rabbit food.

“Eventually we will expand and have more variety for animals.” n


Puppiez + Supplies is located near Spicelands Equestrian Centre, off Middle Road, Warwick. It is open daily from 10am to 6pm. Call 238-1293 or see the shop’s Facebook page.