Seasoned shopper: Customer Alison Marshall shops for seasonings at the bulk retail store More for Less in St George’s. *Photo by B. Candace Ray
Seasoned shopper: Customer Alison Marshall shops for seasonings at the bulk retail store More for Less in St George’s. *Photo by B. Candace Ray

Shoppers with large families, individuals hoping to save by buying in bulk, or those just wanting to pick up an item or two should investigate St George’s retailer, More for Less.

Alison Marshall did. She was looking for seasonings among the large containers shelved there.

She said: “I’m here getting ready for the big Cup Match, trying to get all the goodies in the house to have a great holiday. We’re having a big barbeque, some relatives down from the States. We’re going all out.”

Ms Marshall had other items in mind besides what was needed for the four days’ festivities. She’s bought her washing powder, body wash and juices there, for example.

“The price is right, and the atmosphere is friendly and helpful.”

Mott’s, Tropicana, Ocean Spray, or perhaps
ReaLemon, Sunny Delight and Country Time are among the juices she could select from.

According to store clerk Sharon Tyrell, kids from the community centre — and East End Primary when school’s in session — shop for treats on a bit of a smaller scale. But customers can be any age and after any thing (sic).

Ms Tyrell said: “We get all types, all walks of life.”

Wayne Mouchette was not there for people food. The customer was eyeballing More for Less’ plant food.

“I just transplanted a cotton tree, this morning, actually, so I need some Miracle-Gro,” he said.

The section he was in is set up so that shoppers will also find pet foods, barbeque tools, picnic plates and cups, napkins, trash bags and foil, as well as Ziploc and Glad products, throw-away roaster pans and plastic hangers. Further along are beach mats, supersized noodle floats, and at $27.95 children’s folding camp chairs with cup attachment just like those for grown-ups.

Bulk buys

More for Less features the tall and tempting 36oz Pub Mix for $15, or the 35oz Cheese Balls for $15.45. Other choices include big boxes of Goldfish, Rice Krispies Treats and Multi-Grain Crackers. There are tins of soda crackers, and boxes of Oreo, Zoo Animal Crackers and Cheez-Its.

Large container or packaged groceries also abound in peanut butter and jelly cereals, sausages, sardines and Listerine, and deodorants and detergents.

Store clerk Ms Tyrell noted: “If we get a new (detergent) in I’ll try it myself, so I can let (the customer) know that it’s a good product.”

She advised the Bermuda Sun that the Variety Pack of Softsoap that caught our eye includes four 8.5oz bottles for $16.60. Its selection of Lemon, Pomegranate & Mango, Sea Mineral and Shea Butter has a gift-pack look about it.

More for Less makes bulk shopping easy. You can purchase the readily encountered 64oz Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise at $13.10 for picnics in the park or on your patio, or grab the Quick 1-Minute Quaker Oats suitable to feed any ‘morning after’ crowd. Two 2.5lb bags of the oats come in a box marked $14.95.

You’ll find baby supplies, beauty supplies, feminine products and flashlights, fabric softener, soap and shavers, band-aids and photo paper. Floor cleaners and first-aid kits fit the displays, along with notepads, cooking oils, toothpaste and toothbrush; sodas, syrups, pancake and trail mix. And look out for coffee, tea, hot sauce and bottled water.

Ms Marshall noted:  “(More for Less) always bring in different little gadgets… Even when they don’t have something and you enquire about it, they will do their best to get it for you.”

A spokesperson for owner, Gagner Holdings Ltd. said: “It’s clean. It’s spacious. Items are clearly displayed, and it’s reasonable.”

She also said: “[The store’s establishment] goes back to wanting to have something that offered grocery items, as well as the outdoor [and] beauty supplies. Not only St George’s, but people in the West End come down; from St. David’s; really, people from all over, Hamilton Parish, Warwick.”

Noting that she would ‘most definitely’ recommend More for Less to a friend, customer Ms Marshall said:

“It’s something we needed in St George’s. It beats going to Hamilton for every little thing.

“We all know each other down here, so it’s very personable, a lot of laughter when you come.”

According to store clerk Ms Tyrell, More for Less now sells TVs, wants to bring in more electrical goods and hopes to expand into the tools male customers have been requesting.

She said: “I thoroughly enjoy my job. I meet new people every day.”

“I treat them the best I can because customer service is very important if you want them to come back.”