Franz Egenolf, chef and managing director, invites you to Eliana’s for a delicious, delightful and relaxed evening. *Photo supplied
Franz Egenolf, chef and managing director, invites you to Eliana’s for a delicious, delightful and relaxed evening. *Photo supplied
‘Niche’ says it all. It’s a special slot that Eliana’s restaurant serves in Southside, and the dining room has been filled with just over a year of repeat customers.

Fine wines, unforgettable foods and standout service draw guests to the restaurant in St. David’s.

“That seems to be the general consensus of customers that we have, that we give exceptional service and excellent food quality and presentation,” chef and managing director, Franz Egenolf said.

And why would hungry guests go to the east end if they live in the west? They go because hot and cold appetizers, and soups, salads and pastas tease from Eliana’s well-remembered menu.

The delectable flavours of escargot and Scottish smoked salmon dance on a virtual tongue and vie with an irresistible recollection, the aroma of French onion soup.

Crisp salads and seasoned pastas complement the imagined meal and make it difficult to choose between that and main courses like fresh Bermuda wahoo or medallions of beef.

Lamb and fish are also very popular, according to Mr. Egenolf, who noted:  “It’s lobster season… [and] right now, lobster outsells everything else.”

Reservations are essential, at Eliana’s, where just 35 guests can be comfortably accommodated. For dinner — or for Sunday lunch, which Mr. Egenolf advised is his inclination to reintroduce — call 777-0555.

If wintertime lunch is made available, it will be offered near the end of October. Call the reservation line to check.

And while mentally preparing for the next spread you enjoy at Eliana’s, be sure to picture the sweets — the cherries jubilee, crème brulee, crepe Suzette and chocolate mousse, as well as the pastry trolley’s selection of cakes.

If remembering the restaurant’s menu or imagining the un-tasted meal prove too difficult, look for Eliana’s fine dining choices on page 36 of the red-tabbed menus in the Bermuda Telephone Directory 2010-2011.

Eliana’s is Mr. Egenolf’s ‘everything is special’ place, offering niche dining at 106 Southside Road. Eliana’s is located to the right of the entrance to the Pizza House.

So treat your family. Bring your friends. The restaurant is open daily, except Mondays and holidays, from 5:30pm.

But hurry! Enjoy Eliana’s now, for the first or fiftieth time, or you’ll be caught out until February, when staff returns from a well deserved vacation.

As Mr. Egenolf observed:  “We’ll be closing just after Christmas and reopening for Valentine’s Day.”

Eliana’s is located to the right of the Pizza House entrance in Southside and open daily, except Monday from 5:30pm. For reservations, call 777-0555.