Solar Bermuda Ltd is now a distributor for Mitsubishi Electric and Electronic US (MEUS).

The renewable energy company was awarded the Certified Dealership in January, after years of building up a relationship with the global electronics company.

It means the company is the sole supplier of Mitsubishi’s advanced solar PV panels on the island.

Founded in 2007 by Jamie Smith, Solar Bermuda has built up a reputation as a leader in solar energy, having completed many residential projects and the island’s first ‘solar communities’.

It has recently expanded into the commercial market, with the completion of a 25 kW (kilowatt) solar installation at the Arthur Morris & Company building (Century House) on Par-la-Ville Road.

It is one of the first commercial buildings in the city of Hamilton to go solar, and Solar Bermuda is now encouraging other companies to follow the green lead.

With the Mitsubishi product behind its name,  Solar Bermuda is poised to take on new commercial challenges, delivering a high quality product.

Mr Smith said the dealership certification involved a rigorous vetting process before Mitsubishi was satisfied Solar Bermuda could meet its high standards.

The MEUS ‘Certificate of Assurance: Solar Bermuda’s Commercial PV Installations’ states the company is the “sole-designated partner for all solar photovoltaic (PV) installation work using MEUS solar PV products in Bermuda”.

This was issued “after careful review of SolarBermuda Ltd’s qualifications, experience and business development activities”.

MEUS states: “…We are confident that Solar Bermuda Ltd is uniquely positioned to deliver superior PV systems at an unparalleled value to Bermuda’s commercial customers,and are pleased to welcome SolarBermuda Ltd into our family of select MEUS Certified Partners.


“We look forward to advancing the presence of solar PV production capacity in Bermuda together.”

Mr Smith said: “It took us about four years to get this distributorship. We needed to be seen as a good partner for Mitsubishi and as a company that would protect its excellent reputation, supplying products and services that reflected its high standards.

“Mitsubishi wanted to know our qualifications, business model, how we design our systems from the ground-up, as well as our ‘comfort level’ with the local market. It also examined our relationships with the Government departments of Energy and Planning, and with utility companies such as BELCO.

“We managed to satisfy all of the requirements and we built the relationship up over time to finally get to where Mitsubishi was happy to partner with us.

“MEUS looks at any partner company very carefully to ensure its business practices are professional and that it will represent the MEUS brand in a respectable manner.

“For Solar Bermuda to achieve this certified dealership, we had to show that the company is focused solely on the solar market.

“As a company we have years of installation and construction experience. We have North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) qualifications, and to us, the customer always comes first.”

He said: “The Mitsubishi partnership brings a lot of strength and weight to our commercial installations. Companies will have the security and quality assurance they need to protect their investments.

“With solar panels, you want to be dealing with a company which will be there in 25 years’ time, and Mitsubishi will be. It is well placed in the market and has excellent products and warranties.

“We will have full access to MEUS’ support in the commercial PV market, in marketing, maintenance and engineering. This can only reinforce our delivery of a professional product.

“It also means Solar Bermuda can take on large commercial projects, supported by MEUS’ quality and knowledge.”

Mr Smith said: “We are excited to be working with them. Together, we can see a better future for the island. Mitsubishi is very supportive and is keen to see Bermuda do well in the future.

“Renewable energy is generating a lot of interest now and so we are happy to provide as much information as possible to any interested parties, whether commercial or residential.

“We are also looking to expand our product lines and partnerships.”

Solar Bermuda’s alternative energy systems range from solar thermal water heaters to PV panels.

By harnessing the power of the sun and converting sunlight into electricity, you can save money on your power bills and gain a steady return on your investment and beyond.

The company’s designers will audit your energy usage and create a customized system to meet your needs. All designs and installations are supervised by a certified NABCEP PV Installer and Technical Sales Expert.

Solar Bermuda is also certified with the Department of Energy, enabling customers to apply for Government’s renewable energy rebates.

“As an isolated island, it makes sense to make every effort to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and to utilize the natural energy that is so abundant here,” said Mr Smith.

“As responsible citizens, it is our duty to preserve our island through the development of sustainable and clean energy systems.”

Solar Bermuda completed the island’s first ‘solar community’, installing PV panels and solar hot water and battery back-up at nine residential units at Greenview Villas, Warwick.

A similar installation was also completed at six townhouses at Kiskadee Grove, Hamilton Parish. n

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