TRAVEL: Staff at The Money Shop staff can arrange all your vacation needs.
File photo by Moongate Productions
TRAVEL: Staff at The Money Shop staff can arrange all your vacation needs. File photo by Moongate Productions

The Money Shop in Warwick can cater to all your international monetary needs.

Whether it is sending cash overseas, booking travel tickets or processing visas and passports, staff at the outlet can assist you.

The Money Shop is based in Dundonald Street, Hamilton, but opened a second outlet at The Hub in Warwick earlier this year.

Leila Wilson, general manager, said the shop is “doing well” and offers west end residents a convenient service without them having to trek into ‘town’.

“We do lots of different things, but mostly it’s money transfers with MoneyGram,” said Miss Wilson.

“You just bring your cash and ID. Some days are busier than others, and we usually get very busy on Fridays and at the weekend, when people get paid.

“People want to send their money to their families back home. They are all nationalities but the majority are Dominicans, Jamaicans and Filipinos.

“We also do cellphone top-ups, both local and international; long-distance phone cards; cheque cashing; photocopying; scanning; cash for gold; cruises and travel tickets, through our travel agency Trip.”


Trip, The Money Shop’s ‘sister-company’, is based in the Washington Mall but also has a website at

Miss Wilson said: “Our Warwick shop does mostly everything, and although it’s only been open for a few months, business is good.

“Lots of people who can’t travel to town or who don’t feel like going into town, this helps to have a presence in Warwick. A lot of seniors come here.

“Most people know to bring their ID for any transfers or cashing of cheques, and we take cash only when sending money overseas.”

The Money Shop can help you to process UK and Bermuda passport applications, which are then issued in Washington, US, or through Government’s Department of Immigration, respectively.

“We assist people in filling out the forms and in getting the necessary documentation,” she said.

“We then send them off, so it takes all the hassle out of it for the customer.

“The cost of the service is $100 but as we get a discount on shipping, a passport only costs $405, as opposed to $355 if you were to do it yourself.”

She said: “The Money Shop can offer a comprehensive service for people looking to send stuff overseas, and we are also looking at doing money drafts soon.”


The Money Shop, The Hub, 61 Middle Road, Warwick (call 703-2272)/47 Dundonald Street, Hamilton (call 292-8747). See or