Marguerite Clark, head of design at Petals, reccomends buying flowers that have longevity. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Marguerite Clark, head of design at Petals, reccomends buying flowers that have longevity. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

TUESDAY, FEB. 7: Oh Valentine’s Day, the day of love and romance.

It’s also the day to spend a ton of money on the perfect red roses, gourmet chocolates and a romantic dinner.

But what if you didn’t have to spend a ton?

What if there was a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day without spending all the money and actually getting to the true meaning of the day, spending it with the one you love.

Marguerite Clark, head of design at Petals, has a few ideas on how to save a buck or two on flowers.

“A single flower whether a rose, lily, gerbera or orchid often says more than a large bouquet of flowers.

“Consider a home made or store purchased card or home plucked flower.

“There are bouquets of tulips, also scented spring flowers, sweet peas and hyacinths, along with orchids and scented oriental lilies which are a little more expensive, however there’s more longevity in these flowers.”

Asked about buying roses on a budget, Ms Clark said: “Consider collecting a single red or coloured rose or single flower from your floral design company, ask for a gift card which you can address and personally deliver this to the recipient’s place of work.

“This will certainly save you money in delivery fees.”

So we’ve covered flowers.

What about the chocolates?

Instead of spending almost $50 on a box that is sure to ruin her quest for the perfect bikini body, why not gift your lady a manicure or mini facial for about the same price.

She won’t blame you for making her fat and will enjoy the results of either treatment.

Now let’s tackle dinner.

Everyone loves a fabulous dinner whether it is steak, catch of the day, or pasta.

But as we all know, a nice dinner can set you back $100 a person for three courses and wine.

So why not shake it up a bit.

Maybe you are a great cook or maybe your lady is.

For less than $50, you can make a steak, fish or pasta dinner for two at home including wine and dessert.

All you need is a few tips, maybe a recipe or two and you’re on your way.

Check out for romantic recipes.

But if you aren’t kitchen-savvy and cooking is your idea of hell, why not order gourmet takeout?

Miles Market currently has an offer for a three-course dinner for $49 per person.

The meal includes fish chowder or red pepper soup to start, peppercorn-crusted salmon, roast chicken breast or beef tenderloin for the main and strawberry cheesecake for dessert.

Call 295-1234 to place an order.

But if your budget is really tight and none of the options above will work, there’s always a romantic nature walk with a picnic.

Bermuda being one of the most beautiful places in the world, there is no shortage of romantic spots.

If she likes the beach, why not a sunset stroll or if she’s into nature, a walk through Spittal Pond?

And there are also the railway trails located all over the island and national parks.

But a romantic stroll wouldn’t be complete without a picnic.

And it doesn’t have to be elaborate at all.

Her favourite sandwich, some fruit, hummus with veggies, a bag of chips, something sweet, a bottle of wine and a comfortable blanket will cover it.

So hopefully with these ideas, you will find something wonderful and budget-friendly to do with your love on Valentine’s Day.

Remember, spending a whole lot of money, especially when you don’t have it, isn’t necessary.