<strong>Individual</strong>: Flatts Fitness Studio personal trainer Xande Frith tries to make workouts as fun and interesting as possible, tailored to your needs. <em>*Photo by Kageaki Smith</em>
Individual: Flatts Fitness Studio personal trainer Xande Frith tries to make workouts as fun and interesting as possible, tailored to your needs. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

Every bride wants to look her stunning best for her big day.

And grooms are not averse to the odd bit of dieting and extra exercise in the run-up to their wedding either.

But if you want to tone up in style then Flatts Fitness Studio could be the answer to your prayers.

The modern studio looks out over Harrington Sound and offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to its clients.

It caters for private clients as well as small groups, and sessions are by appointment only.

Trainer Xande Frith, who was born in Key West, Florida, but grew up in Bermuda, trained in New York to become a personal trainer and health consultant.


He said: “We are a private personal training studio and operate very much on a one-to-one basis.

“It’s designed to be a private and personal experience, and we work on all aspects of health and well-being.

“It’s not about running on a treadmill in a box-room. We use crawling, climbing and all sorts of movements.

“We try to get away from conventional exercise and make the routine interesting.

“We have a beautiful location here and a great set-up that really makes our clients feel at ease.

“It’s an environment in which they can enjoy exercise and get the most out of the experience.

“We cater for all sorts of people and focus very much on the individual and what goals they have set themselves.

“We have worked with brides who want to look at their best for the big day and it has proved very successful.

“And there is no reason why we would not work with grooms or anyone looking to get in shape for a wedding.

“I have a very positive approach to fitness and the most important thing is that people enjoy the routine.

“I also hope that they take it away with them and it becomes a lifestyle change after they have left.”

Flatts Fitness Studio opened in May and has already caused a stir in Bermuda’s fitness world.

Mr Frith: “The best way to find out more about us is to call the studio or e-mail me directly. Clients tend to come in for a consultation and we talk about what exactly they want to achieve. We talk about exercise, nutrition and what goals they want to set for themselves.

“It’s not just about the exercise, it’s about a personal package that is tailor-made to the client’s needs.

“Some people want the whole nine yards while others are just looking for a three-month regime leading up to the wedding day.

“From my perspective I try to make the regime as fun and as interesting as possible. But at the same time it’s not designed to be easy — it will whip you into shape.

“Exercise is all about enjoyment and being in the right kind of environment to enjoy the experience.”

Flatts Fitness Studio, North Shore Road, Flatts, is open Monday to Friday, 6:30am-6:30pm. Contact Xande Frith at flattsfitness@gmail.com or call 295-1083.

Fairytale Weddings January 2012