Grooming: Hanifah Smith, Lush Makeup Lash & Brow Bar owner, above, says naturally-arched brows ‘frame the face’.  *File photo by Kageaki Smith
Grooming: Hanifah Smith, Lush Makeup Lash & Brow Bar owner, above, says naturally-arched brows ‘frame the face’.  *File photo by Kageaki Smith

Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day, from her hair and her dress, down to her make-up and shoes.

For many brides, a perfect face is the most important detail. Bad make-up can ruin many a wedding photo and perfect make-up is something that every bride strives for.

Hanifah Smith, owner of Lush Makeup Lash & Brow Bar, and make-up artist Kristos Trott have the perfect tips for brides to look perfect on their special day.

Asked what most brides look for when choosing a look, Ms Trott said: “Most definitely a clean face. They don’t want their skin to look or feel like the make-up is caked on or heavy. 


“Brides usually don’t want any over-the-top make-up and prefer to keep the look clean but sexy. 

“They also tend to go for trendy looks, like something they’ve seen in a magazine.”

She added that most brides want to “accent the eyes”.

In humid Bermuda she advises using a waterproof foundation, smudge-free eyeliners and mascara.

She also recommends blotting dry sweaty skin instead of wiping it, as less make-up will be removed. 

On bridal make-up trends, Ms Smith said: “Wedding make-up trends change, based on the season.

“They are most often influenced by runway fashion, including bridal couture. For example, a few trends this coming spring 2012 include a very feminine, romantic look inspired by Oscar de la Renta, which is berry-stained lips and rosy pink cheeks. 

“Other trends include shiny soft pink lips with nude skin or bold tomato red lips.”

She recommends brides to hire a make-up artist on their wedding day.

“Most women apply their own make-up everyday, however, on a very rare special occasion such as a wedding day, hiring a professional make-up artist is always recommended. 

“Avoid running from the hairdresser to the make-up counter right before the wedding.

“Schedule our Lush make-up artist to come to you and provide make-up services for you and your bridal party. 

“Make-up applications are tailored to each woman’s desired look and feel, and they are long-lasting. 

“We offer make-up services both in store and on location for weddings. Trial applications are always recommended and group rates are available.”

As for prepping skin beforehand, Ms Smith recommends facials.

“Ultimately, the better condition your skin is in, the less make-up is needed to correct your complexion. 

“Make-up blends better and lasts longer on healthy, fresh, renewed skin. 

“If your skin is congested, acne or problematic, begin a skin clarifying regime with a professional up to four to six weeks prior before the wedding. 

“For sensitive or normal skin, have a facial seven to ten days prior to the wedding. 

“Schedule a gentle renewing facial with no steam, avoid aromatherapy oils and harsh exfoliations.”

Another important component of your bridal look is perfectly groomed eyebrows.


“Wedding pictures are highly anticipated and will often be reflected on”, said Ms Smith.

“Eyebrows ‘frame the face’ and enhance other facial features.

“Poorly shaped, too thin or even differently shaped eyebrows are unattractive and will certainly show in the portrait pictures. 

“Beautiful balanced, naturally-arched brows will simply make you look prettier and instantly boost your facial appeal.”

Ms Smith recommends that brides schedule a Billion Dollar Brows appointment three weeks before the wedding day, with a brow artist at Lush.

Another tip is to add eyelash extensions for your big day.

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Fairytale Weddings January 2012