It’s late Friday afternoon, and you’ve been from one end of the island to the other a thousand times. 

Your phone hasn’t stopped ringing, which makes you wonder if you should buy shares in BTC.

Tomorrow at 4pm is a wedding with 250 guests.  The forecast is now calling for rain; luckily you were able to arrange for a large tent, which will be decorated beyond perfection.

Deep down you know the weather will not matter to anyone once the beautiful bride begins her descent down the aisle and focuses her gaze on her handsome groom. 

The checklist you’ve gone over is in your hand and you double-check everything for the 50th time that day.

Everything is done. Cake will be delivered on time, as well as the bride.

As you settle back on your sofa with a large glass of wine, you think to yourself, “I am so lucky to be a part of such a special day for so many people.  This is the best job ever.”

As you take a sip, the phone rings once more. 

You take a deep breath and answer.

On the other end is a frantic voice explaining that she is getting married in three weeks and was planning everything on her own, but realized she is overwhelmed and can not do it by herself. 

You tell her not to worry.  This is what you are here for; this is what you love to do. You can help her.

You hear her breathe a sigh of relief and can almost feel her stress level decrease.

You hope she has a location booked, the officiate, caterer, but even if some of these items have been overlooked, you know that you can make it all happen.

All The Trimmings is what I offer. I am in this business because I love to create beautiful weddings and events. No job is too big or too small. 

Whether I have a year’s notice or a week, I can make it happen.

A day in the life of a wedding planner is an adventure I wouldn’t trade for anything. 

I have three ‘vows’ that I’ve set out for myself:

1. Relationships

Build rapport immediately with your clients and your contacts. It is imperative that you have a good relationship with the bride, groom, family and any vendors involved.

You are there as an advocate on their behalf. Your clients and contacts need to trust you and believe that your priority is in the success of their special day.

2. Fix it

 If there is a concern, a complaint, a crisis or an emergency, then do whatever it takes to fix it.

It is your job to handle any problems and to make things run as smoothly as possible from the initial inquiry through to the big day. Be efficient and consistent always.

3. Be happy

You will get a lot further in life with a smile on your face and a positive attitude.

This is a joyous and happy occasion so show it and be thankful that you’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be apart of the one day this couple will remember forever.

The satisfaction of my clients is what makes being a wedding planner worthwhile.

The smile on a bride’s face and the tears of joy in the grooms eyes are the binding force and drive behind all that goes into the planning process. 

There is no better feeling than standing back and observing everyone enjoying the beautiful environment that you have created.

This is what I love. This is All the Trimmings.