Fairytale touch: The ice slipper is reminiscent of Cinderella’s glass slipper. *Photo supplied
Fairytale touch: The ice slipper is reminiscent of Cinderella’s glass slipper. *Photo supplied

It’s your day to look and feel like a princess. So why not add some extra sparkle to proceedings with a touch of fantasy.

Ice sculptures are among the coolest centrepieces you can have at your wedding reception.

They not only help to keep your champagne chilled but also add that romantic fairy tale touch.

In Bermuda, Kenneth C Daniels can provide you with a choice of several sculptures.

You can choose from a champagne ‘ice’ bucket, two entwined hearts, a swan or a glass slipper.

Prices range from $70 for an ice glass slipper to $200 for the 25 inch-sized swan.

Mr Daniels set up his ice business, Kenneth C Daniels Ltd, 25 years ago.

He operates four ice machines, a block ice and a dry ice machine, but expanded into sculptures following demand from clients.

Daughter Rhonda Daniels said: “People wanted ice sculptures and so we would supply the block but then they would have to find someone to carve it.

“We then found a company which makes ice moulds, so since April we have been able to make our own ice carvings for people.

“We got them primarily for weddings, to see how they would take off.

“The orders have gradually built up and so if it grows, we will order more of the moulds.”

The moulds were supplied by an Australian company which originally specialized in concrete moulds.

They consist of a latex mould which sits inside a fibreglass mould, into which you pour water and then place in a walk-in freezer.

Ms Daniels, an enforcement officer for Government’s Consumer Affairs who helps out at the business at the weekends, said: “They’re big, solid and well detailed. As long as we are given enough time, we can produce them.

“For example the swan weighs 80 lbs and takes five days to set. The double hearts take four days, and the champagne bucket and slipper, about two days.”

Kenneth C Daniels Ltd, Hermitage Road, Devonshire. Call 236-3189, fax 236-2663, or e-mail eaglerocks@northrock.bm.

Fairytale Weddings January 2012