SEALED WITH A KISS: Patricia and Andrew enjoy a special moment with their son Hunter who turns two on July 30.
Credit: Photo by Amanda Temple
SEALED WITH A KISS: Patricia and Andrew enjoy a special moment with their son Hunter who turns two on July 30. Credit: Photo by Amanda Temple

A Midsummer Night’s Dream was the theme for Patricia Outerbridge and Andrew Borland’s magical Bermudian wedding.

From a full moon and a tent filled with cherry trees and fairy lights, to strawberry plant favours, their wedding was a dreamy day to remember.

Patricia, 29, and Andrew, 31, married at St John’s Church in Pembroke on May 23, and held their wedding reception at Patricia’s uncle Stephen Outerbridge’s home in the aptly-named Fairylands.

This was also the place where they grew up together as teenagers.

“I was 12 and Andrew was 14 when we met,” said Patricia.

“We both grew up together as we were in the same group of friends.

“Later on we both went to college, but then reconnected five years ago. We started dating and everything just blossomed from there. “Everything happened so naturally; it was just easy. Even now, our relationship is still very laidback. We just have a natural connection.

“It feels right and our love just grows stronger and stronger.”

Two years after they started dating, Patricia and Andrew moved into an apartment together. Patricia then became pregnant with their son, Hunter.

Five weeks after the birth of Hunter, Andrew proposed, in September 2011, on Labour Day weekend.

Patricia said although she knew they were meant for each other, the proposal was still a surprise.

“We were out on our friends’ boat in Castle Harbour and needed to get some things for sleeping over, so we went to the dock to collect some items from Andrew’s mother.

“However, Andrew was scheming behind the scenes. He had bought the ring a month earlier, and was just waiting for the right moment.

“So that weekend was the weekend.

“Andrew called his mom and asked her to also bring the ring with her. After we left the dock, he asked me to tuck in the lines at the front of the boat.

“I asked, ‘What lines?’ as they were already in the boat. But he was just trying to get the ring out of the box when I wasn’t looking.

“As we were tootling along in the Yellowfin (centre console), he was being very affectionate, but I thought nothing of it as he is always affectionate.

“He remarked on what a lovely family weekend it had been and he was being really sweet. Then he asked me to hold the wheel for a few minutes. He then said, ‘Hey babe’.

“I turned around and saw that he was down on one knee. He said, ‘Will you marry me?’

“I said, ‘Yes’. It was very exciting and emotional. I felt so happy I started crying. I knew how much we loved each other and had hoped that one day he would ask me to marry him, but it was a surprise.

“It was an amazing day.”

Andrew, a general contractor, said: “I knew we were going to spend
our lives together, and we had talked about it previously, but it just felt like the right time; we were having such a good time on the boat.”

Friends Cary and Spencer Butterfield helped the couple to celebrate the engagement on Foreign Exchange, which was moored in front of one of Castle Harbour’s beautiful beaches.

As Patricia and Andrew began the wedding preparations, Patricia took the lead in planning her dream wedding.

“Andrew was very sweet and said, ‘Whatever you want, baby’, but one request he did have was that he wanted an old-style Bermudian wedding.

“That’s why we had the wedding on a Thursday afternoon and did not have a formal sit-down dinner but hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.”

The couple married at St John’s Church in Pembroke and then had their reception at Patricia’s uncle’s home in Fairylands.

“This was where we both grew up, as Andrew and I used to hang out with Stephen’s son, my cousin Graham, here when we were younger,” said Patricia. “This property has been in my family for generations, so it seemed very fitting to hold the wedding celebrations here.”

Patricia picked a Vera Wang ‘mermaid’ dress from the designer’s boutique in Madison Avenue, New York.

“It was a classic, but also ‘edgy’ dress, with a fitted top and wider at the bottom,” she said.

“It was the first dress I tried on. I had originally thought I would choose an all-lace dress but the assistant obviously knew what she was doing, because I immediately fell in love with it.

“After I tried it on, that was it. The assistant said that 97 per cent of the
time, most brides end up choosing the first dress they try on.”

Andrew and his six groomsmen were tailored in traditional Bermudian attire, with blue blazers, khaki pants, white shirts and ties. Andrew’s best man was his friend, Dana Martin.

Patricia’s maid of honour was her cousin, Ashley Outerbridge. Her six bridesmaids included her cousins and best friend, Cary Butterfield. Each wore a moss green dress with an empire waist, from J. Crew.

“The look was very ‘Greek goddess’,” said Patricia.

“I wanted to go for ‘rustic elegance’, to reflect the Midsummer Night’s Dream theme. Everything was green and white.”

Patricia, an interior designer, designed the wedding reception tent together with tent designer, Michael Mello of Elements.

“Michael brought in cherry trees to wrap around the tent poles and chandeliers for the ‘ceiling’,” she said.

“We also hung raffia and fairy lights, so it was really pretty.”

Up to 200 guests, family and friends attended the wedding reception.

The couple had traditional Bermudian wedding cakes — one in gold and the other in silver icing, to symbolize prosperity and a fruitful marriage.

The cakes were also decorated with Bermuda cedar saplings, to reflect their growing love through marriage.

“We also used tree trunks for the base of the cakes, to reflect the Midsummer Night’s Dream theme,” said Patricia.

The main tiered wedding cake was created by Paula Hayward of Sweet Pea, from a magazine picture Patricia found. It was a banana cake with passion fruit, topped with guava butter cream.

Another unusual touch was the strawberry cart. Guests were invited to take home a strawberry plant as their wedding favours.

Patricia explained: “My mother (Lily) had grown the plants six months earlier, as a thank you gift for all of our guests.

“They were beautifully-wrapped in burlap and tied with a raffia bow. The story behind them is that strawberries used to grow on that property many years ago, and we used to pick them as children.

“Our guests were asked to take a plant home, but any plants left over would then be replanted for the next generation of our family.”

The evening’s entertainment was provided by the Tom Ray Band while the Little Venice Group provided the catering.

As the champagne flowed, Patricia said everyone seemed to have a wonderful time.

“It was a beautiful wedding, and our guests loved it; everyone I spoke to said they had a fantastic time,” she said.

“It was just perfect, but the whole wedding day was just stunning. Having everyone there made it very special; magical even. We had a full moon that night as well which lit up the garden.”

At midnight the celebrations did not stop but moved on to the Fairmont Hamilton Princess’s
Regency Terrace, with music by DJ Chubb and grilled cheese and French fries served up as snacks.

Patricia said: “It all went by so fast but was the most incredible day. If we could do it all over again, we would. But we have our memories and the photos to live by.

“Hunter being born was the best day of our lives, but our wedding day comes a close second.”

The couple honeymooned on a Mediterranean cruise, aboard a SeaBourn Cruise Line ship, followed by two nights in Rome.

“It was a very memorable, fantastic time together,” said Patricia.

Patricia and Andrew now live in Smith’s with Hunter, who turns two on July 30.

“Since getting married, nothing has really changed because we lived together before, but it’s nice for me to be a Borland now, and we are very happy, said Patricia.

“Married life is wonderful. In the future we would like to have another child and to eventually build our own home.”