TUESDAY, DEC. 18: Wow, we lost! We were actually were voted out of Government. If I write the words ‘stunned’ or ‘shocked’, I would be lying. Amazed would be the more appropriate term.

Amazed that a party formed from sleight of hand can be considered a viable government. Amazed that a man with so little political experience could become Premier. Amazed that a bunch of exUBPers can be voted in by doing little more than changing the colour of their ties.

So where, as a PLP family, do we go from here? Well we can do the usual and point fingers at everyone else. Cry curse and plot revenge. Or we can look deep — or not so deep — into ourselves and see where we as a party and individuals went wrong.

Critical errors

I will share a few critical errors that were made.

One: Being too nice with people who had no intentions of being nice. The election should have been called the day the UBP/OBA stabbed Kim Swan in his back. There is a reason we never trusted the UBP. We need to remember that they are the same people who taxed us 33% on inherited property. Some are cut from the same cloth as people who denied many blacks a vote whilst freely allowing UK residents to gain status and the right to vote after living here for three years.

Two: Allowing the media to dispense fiction for over a year. Debt, mismanagement, term limits, and so on. A ‘death by a thousand cuts’. The RG is no friend of the PLP. Always remember that. Unfortunately, some believe it is the newest testament.

Three: Not telling our story enough. We have a proud list of achievements. Doubling of GDP from $3billion to $6.2 billion in 10 years. Building so much for a people so neglected. So why not stand proudly on our accomplishments and shout about them from Gibb’s hill Lighthouse?

Four: Not enough embracing of our youths and showing them our history and helping them to understand the rich heritage of this island and our party’s role in developing Bermuda.

So, what’s next? Rebuild Regroup Reenergize

Now is not the time to even contemplate revenge. The PLP has been and will always be a grassroots party. Get back to our community events. Get back to grooming our next generation of leaders. Get back to being a family. The PLP is reflective of all the people of this island. Yet they wish to label us as a black party only to subliminally tell whites not to vote for us. Yet they fail to account for the fact we are a People Loving Party. We know there are many PLP supporters and members of many different races. However, for a multitude of reasons they seem a bit hesitant to come forward and publicly involve and engage with our events and activities. The evolution of this party will encompass all persons from all sectors openly participating in party functions from Central Committee meetings to canvassing as candidates.

Persons such as Dorothy Thompson, David Allen, Zane De Silva, Jonathan Smith and Dr Barbara Ball must not be the exceptions .They must be the norm. In this interim time period we as a country must focus on educating ourselves and each other. Refocus on grooming our children for leadership not servitude. Refocus on revitalizing tourism and building our communities.

Save more spend less. The tax man cometh. Despite utopian promises by the OBA, the worldwide recession will continue to kick us in the butt for a few more years. Save those dollars. You are going to need them.

The OBA better enjoy the next five years because the PLP will rise again. This time we shall never make the mistake of forgetting who the UBP/OBA really are. Most important, we shall never forget who we are. We are Family.

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