NO. 971



From Date: 12/10/08 To Date: 12/12/08

Summary of Application Details

• The applications shown below are available for review during normal working hours at the Department of Planning, 3rd Floor, Government Administration Building, 30 Parliament Street, Hamilton.

• Any person wishing to object must do so within 14 days of the date of this publication.

• Letters of objection should state any interest which the objector(s) may have in property nearby, supply an address at which notice may be served on the objector(s) and provide a concise statement of the grounds of objection.

• For further information on the objection procedure see the Development and Planning (Applications Procedure) Rules 1997.

Application Application #


Floyd, Mr. Mark P0152/08

16 Park View Lane, Devonshire

Renovations and Additions to Existing Building

and the Addition of a Second Dwelling Unit


Lindo, Mr. Mark P0777/08

1 Tribe Road No 1, Devonshire

New Two Dwelling Units.


Godfrey, Ms. Ethelyn P0787/08

10 Stadium Heights, Devonshire

New Kitchen Addition and Den Addition.



Davis, Mrs. Dorothy P0780/08

Lot 6, Stonehaven Road, Hamilton

New One Dwelling Unit.



Gagnon, Mr. Shianne P0778/08

4 Southlyn Lane, Paget

Renovations and Additions - New Cottage

and Studio (Second and Third Dwelling Units)

New Pool, Interior Works, Tank and Cess Pit.


Cusacks, Mr./Mrs. P0782/08

10 Trimingham Hill, Paget

Proposed Garage Addition.



Francis, Mr. Earl P0293/08

Lot 8 Tribe Road No 6, Sandys

New Two Dwelling Unit.


Powell, Ms. Tonia P0781/08

4 Davis Drive, Sandys

In Principle Application for Second Storey

Addition Creating Third Dwelling Unit.


West Bank Ltd. P0784/08

Lot 6, Bridge View Lane, Sandys

New Four Dwelling Units.


Downie, Mr. Phillip P0788/08

12 Store Lane, Sandys

Demolish Existing Structure and Construct

New Two Dwelling Unit.



Munro, Mr. Brent P0779/08

19 Middle Road, Southampton

Proposed Conversion of Existing Basement

to Create Third Dwelling Unit.


Campbell, Ms. Francezia P0783/08

38 Horseshoe Road, Southampton

Proposed Internal Renovations and Second

Storey Additions Creating Master Bedroom

Ensuite with Laundry and Vanity.


Defontes, Mr. Michael P0786/08

3 Turtle Bay Lane, Southampton

Retroactive Proposal of Wooden Deck.


K. Swan & E. Peets S0077/08

Lot 5A & Lot 5B,

Industrial Park Road, Southampton

Grant of Right of Way.

(Final Plan)

St. George's

Allchin, Ms. Kennita P0757/08

24 Sofar Lane, St. George's

Alterations and Additions to Create Bedroom,

Living Room, Bathroom, Extension to Existing

Bedroom, New Garage and Third Dwelling Unit.


Woods, Mr. Alvin P0785/08

29 Lighthouse Hill, St. George's

Proposed Addition to Create New Garage

and Storage Area.



State House Trust S0078/08

75 Middle Road, Warwick

Boundary Adjustments.

(Final Plan)

NO. 972


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NO. 973



Mrs. Darnell Harvey, Survey Officer, of the Commission for Unity and Racial Equality has been appointed to act as Executive Officer for the Commission for Unity and Racial Equality from 5th December, 2008 to 12th December, 2008.

Kenneth S. Dill

Head of the Civil Service

NO. 974



Ms. Sara Clifford, Education Officer of the Commission for Unity and Racial Equality has been appointed to act as Executive Officer for the Commission for Unity and Racial Equality from 19th December, 2008 to 5th January, 2009.

Kenneth S. Dill

Head of the Civil Service