Tracey Pitt at court. *Photo by Nicola Muirhead
Tracey Pitt at court. *Photo by Nicola Muirhead

Government remains tight-lipped on the future of Assistant Auditor General Tracey Pitt’s employment status.

Pitt, 51 was convicted on September 10 of injuring twin brothers Rudolph and Randolph Smith by driving recklessly and refusing to give a breath sample.

Acting Puisne Judge Juan Wolffe sentenced Pitt to three months on Friday, but granted her $20,000 bail pending the outcome of her appeal.

It is unclear whether or not she will retain her position. We asked Jackie Aubrey, acting director of the Department of Communication and Information if Pitt would continue her role.

She said: “That matter is still before the court, therefore it would be inappropriate for the Office of the Auditor-General to comment.”

We then asked her if Pitt was still suspended and on two-thirds pay. Ms Aubrey said: “The Office of the Auditor-General does not comment on employee-related matters.”

Testifying as a character witness for Pitt last week, Auditor General Heather Jacobs Matthews said she has known her for 25 years.

“Tracy has been the backbone of the office. She has greatly assisted me in the transition to the post of Auditor General.

“Tracey’s professional reputation and character is impeccable.

“I can advise that the day after the accident, Tracey tearfully called me in Antigua and explained what had happened.”

She continued: “In all my years of knowing Tracey, this is my first experience of her in such an emotional state. We in the office will continue to support Tracey.”

Asked what happened when Pitt was charged, Mrs Matthews said: “When she was charged with the offence, she was put on suspension with two thirds pay pending the outcome of the trial.”

Asked about the status of her job now after conviction, Ms Matthews said she wasn’t sure what would happen.

Could Pitt lose her job? “Loss of job is a definite possibility.” Mrs Matthews said.

During the trial, the court heard Pitt ran over and dragged the 36-year-old brothers down Woodlands Road for 13 metres in the early hours of January 29, 2012.

Rudolph suffered less serious injuries including fractures while Randolph was in a coma for nine weeks and remained in hospital for an additional 64 days.

Pitt apologised for causing the injuries to the twins, but maintained she wasn’t impaired and didn’t drive recklessly.