In September 2012, RUBiS launched ULTRA TEC to the Bermuda market.

ULTRA TEC has reinforced RUBiS’ position as the number one provider of gasoline from service stations in Bermuda. 

It features the latest advancements in additive technology and is designed to meet the challenges of today’s engine technology.

As the driving conditions in Bermuda are classified as ‘harsh’, with slow speeds and constant ‘stop-and-go’, ULTRA TEC optimizes vehicle performance.

RUBiS ULTRA TEC is intended for anyone who wants to get the most out of their vehicle, which includes:

New vehicle owners who wish to maintain their engine’s peak performance and keep their vehicle running like new;

Older vehicle owners who would like their engines to run more efficiently and cleaner;

Vehicle owners who want to maximize the improvements they can get from their fuel economy.

The enhanced benefits of RUBiS ULTRA TEC means that RUBiS customers benefit from an added level of clean-up protection for their vehicle in order to keep it running like new.

Customers who have been using other gasoline can switch over to RUBiS ULTRA TEC without the need for draining their tanks dry.

RUBiS ULTRA TEC may be mixed with other gasoline, however the desired level of clean-up performance will not be fully realized until the customer maintains consistent use.

A recognizable difference may be achieved within four to six tanks, depending on how long the vehicle has been using other gasoline.

RUBiS ULTRA TEC’s true potential can be maximized, provided the vehicle has been properly maintained as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Q: Aren’t all fuels the same?

A: No, RUBiS enhances its gasoline with an ultra-modern, fully synthetic additive.

Q: What will ULTRA TEC do to my engine?

A: It is designed to optimize your car’s performance. By removing deposits build-up, it will help keep your car running like new.

Q:  Will ULTRA TEC work in my boat or bike?

A: It can be used in any engine designed to run on unleaded gasoline. Its formulations are specific for helping your engine achieve optimum performance.

Q: I have an old car. But isn’t this fuel designed for the latest engines?

A: Older cars are likely to have accumulated engine deposits during their lifetime. ULTRA TEC’s powerful treatment is designed to remove existing desposits, giving your engine a new lease on life. 

Q: Is this ULTRA TEC a different octane from the old gas?

A: Its octane standard remains the same as the old gas. The octane rating or AKI must meet our minimum standard of 93.

ULTRA TEC is available exclusively from the RUBiS network of fuelling stations. This consists of 12 stations from St George’s to Somerset, and includes five marinas for watercrafts.

Thousands of customers visit the RUBiS network daily and have come to appreciate RUBiS’ key values. They are:

Quality fuels;

Superior value-added service;

Friendly and attentive staff;

Innovative products such as RUBiS Rewards.

Stay tuned as RUBiS will be launching the Diesel version of ULTRA TEC this Spring, to allow owners of diesel vehicles to drive longer, cleaner and smoother.

Contact RUBiS Energy at or call 297-1577.