Yield: The above image shows the effects of Azomite on tomato plants.
Yield: The above image shows the effects of Azomite on tomato plants.

There are few things better than seeing your garden produce healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables.

But without knowing what the quality of your soil will be, it can sometimes be hit or miss if it doesn’t have the right amount of nutrients needed to make hearty plants.

Azomite, a natural soil re-mineralizing supplement, has had proven benefits on the quality of plants.

Traditional fertilizer progammes focus on adding maco-nutrients back into the soil and often miss out on the trace elements that can often be deficient in soil.

Just one deficient nutrient in the soil could spell disaster for your plants. As seeds can be expensive, it’s important to get that soil nutrient balance right.

Azomite is mined in Utah and a typical analysis of the supplement shows over 70 trace minerals found in volcanic ash and rivers –– a unique combination that isn’t found anywhere else on Earth.

Research and customer testimony report the following when Azomite is used on lawns, trees, vegetables and flowers and as a general fertilizer and field crop application:

-Fruit and vegetable yield

-General plant health

-Germination rate

-Disease resistance

-Pest resistance

-Plant colour

-Root systems

-Fruit sweetness

-Vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables

Azomite has been certified for organic use by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute), which provides independent review of products for organic certifiers, growers, manufacturers and suppliers. Products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they comply with organic standards.

To find out more information and research about Azomite, visit www.azomite.com.

Azomite is available at Animal & Garden House, 3 Cemetary Rd, Pembroke.