All-weather: Waters Edge Marine Ltd will be able to work on clients’ boats 24/7, whatever the weather. *Photo by Simon Jones
All-weather: Waters Edge Marine Ltd will be able to work on clients’ boats 24/7, whatever the weather. *Photo by Simon Jones

With summer around the corner islanders will be looking to get their boats out on the water as often as possible.

And that is why Waters Edge Marine Ltd is expanding its warehouse and bringing in a range of new products for customers.

The marine company, which is based in Mill Creek Lane in Pembroke, is in the process of building a 50ft by 50ft sheltered extension so it can work on  clients’ boats at all times of the day and night, no matter what the weather is like outside.

The new structure was started on March 9 and should be completed by the end of April, according to Waters Edge owner Scott Johnson.


He said: “This is the time of year when everyone will be looking to get out on the water and enjoy the sun.

“So we wanted to make sure we could serve our customers better and get any work they needed doing on their boats done in the quickest possible time.

“The new shelter will mean we can work on our customers’ boats whatever the weather is doing outside.

“In the past we have been affected by the outdoor conditions and it has stopped us from doing work. But this will not happen anymore once the new structure is complete.

“For us it is all about making sure that our customers get the work done properly and in the quickest possible time.

“Once the galvanized tin roof is on we will be good to go.”

Waters Edge has also been doing plenty behind the scenes to ensure they have all the latest technology on sale for the upcoming summer season.

The company now has in stock a brand new range of MAPI engines, as well as Fusion marine stereos.

The four-stroke engines are economical and efficient. They are also extremely environmentally-friendly.

The power of the engines in stock ranges from 2.6 horsepower to 25 horsepower, and they range in price from $1,500 to $4,000.

The new MAPI engines are ideal for dinghies and small tenders, and do not require much maintenance to keep them ticking along.

Meanwhile the new stereo systems on offer at Waters Edge are state-of-the-art. They are obviously waterproof and range in price from $350 to $700.

They are ideal for plugging your iPod or iPhone into and playing your favourite tunes while cruising around the harbour.

Mr Johnson added: “The most important thing is that both the engines and the marine stereo systems are in stock for our customers.

“People will not have to wait around while we order them from abroad.

“We aim to have them on our shelves right now.

“Both the engines and the stereos are from a new line in products and it is very exciting for boaters in Bermuda to have these products here.

“The benefits of four-stroke engines are well known.

“They are reliable, economical and very green. We hope they will be popular with people in Bermuda.”

For more information call Scott Johnson on 292-8691. Waters Edge Marine Ltd, 1 Mill Creek Lane, Pembroke.