Michael Maguire, Global director, Human Resources Bacardi Limited. *Photo supplied
Michael Maguire, Global director, Human Resources Bacardi Limited. *Photo supplied

Michael Maguire
Global director, Human Resources
Bacardi Limited

What does the word ‘Bacardi’ mean to you?
“It means the family, the tradition, the heritage of the company and the importance of its values, both working in the company and in the community.”

It may be one of the largest spirits companies in the world but to many employees, Bacardi is like a family.

Michael Maguire, 61, was hired by Eduardo Cutillas of the Bacardí family in 1983.

The Canadian-born Certified Accountant became the corporate controller for Bacardi International Limited, the global marketing and trading arm of the business.

Mr Maguire said: “Eduardo was a great man and a tremendous boss. He gave you the trust and the confidence that you can do the job.

“He typified a lot of family members in that they cared for the employees. Even the biggest shareholder on the board, they were very humane and caring people.

“I always remember Eduardo saying to me on the front steps of Bacardi after a few years in the job, ‘You are now part of the family’.

“My wife and three children also feel that they are part of Bacardi. We feel the family members have embraced us and made us part of their family.”

Mr Maguire, a Long Service Employee, has witnessed immense growth in the business during the past 27 years.

This included the 1992 restructuring when five Bacardi companies united as Bacardi Limited, and the acquisition of the Martini & Rossi Group) just a few months later.

“It was a time of tremendous change for the company. It doubled in size and quadrupled in complexity,” said Mr Maguire.

“Then the 1998 acquisitions of Dewar’s Scotch and Bombay Sapphire, these were exciting times again.

“I was very involved in the finance side of that and the acquisitions. The company then continued to expand.”

Although there is less direct family involvement in the day-to-day running of the business in 2012, Mr Maguire said the company’s values remain unchanged.

“There are more professional managers now, but the values we believe in today are the same as those of the family members years ago. This gives you an idea of the soul of the company.

“Bacardi believes in caring for its employees, in a passion for the business and working to the best of your ability.

“It’s about really believing in these values in your heart.

“Knowing many of the family members and in that’s how they think of the employees and the brand, it gives you a great sense of the history and tradition of this company.

“And that’s what this company is building on, it’s tradition and history. Bacardi rum is one of those iconic brands.”

As global Director of Human Resources for Bacardi Limited, Mr Maguire is now developing the next generation of Bacardi managers and employees.

“It has been very exciting to work here over the years, to watch how the company has grown,” he said.

“Now it is exciting times again, to be involved in helping our people, in helping others to grow and develop into larger roles here at the company.

Clara Fay
Marketing Analysis
Bacardi International Limited

What does the word ‘Bacardi’ mean to you?
“Bacardi means company, family and brand. The word ‘Bacardi’ inspires in me a wealth of emotions, ranging from pride in what the company is, how it has grown, how I have helped to make a difference, and all the many people in the company who have inspired me to perform my best for more than 22 years.”

Clara Fay joined Bacardi as a junior accountant 22 years ago, and is today responsible for public relations and marketing.

Ms Fay, a Bermudian, said: “Bacardi has a unique and very rich culture, heritage, and sense of connection with its larger family of employees — La Gran Familia.

“The calibre of people that are drawn into Bacardi possess an incredible passion for excellence and high performance that creates an energizing, yet well-balanced, environment in which to work. The people that I have worked with around the world have been amazing.

“Bacardi also places great value on helping to make communities vibrant and lively, wherever Bacardi employees live and play.”

Michelle R Trott
Director of International Benefits
Bacardi Limited

What does the word ‘Bacardi’ mean to you?

“It embodies family and a zest for life — that family spirit, and having a good time, but responsibly.”

Michelle Trott joined Bacardi in 1981 and is now in her 31st year of service.

As Director of International Benefits for Bacardi Limited, she administers pension plans and other schemes.

“Bacardi is a great place to work,” said Mrs Trott.

“It has always been a very close-knit family company, we’ve always looked out for each other.

“Over the years I’ve seen a lot of compassion shown to staff members in difficult circumstances.”

Mrs Trott, a Canadian, said: “We were probably one of the first international companies to set up here (in Bermuda), so I think we’ve brought stability, and we have been a good corporate citizen.

“We have donated a lot of money to worthy causes over the years.”

Ronald Stan
Director of Global IT Security
Bacardi Limited

What does the word ‘Bacardi’ mean to you?
“To me, Bacardi means family, friendship, spirit for life, uncompromising quality and passion for everything you do.”

Ronald Stan, Director of Global IT Security, is responsible for managing Bacardi’s global communications and networking infrastructure.

Mr Stan, a Canadian, joined Bacardi in 1989 and is now in his 23rd year of service.

Over the years he has progressed from IT manager for the Bermuda office to IT systems around the world.

Mr Stan said: “Bacardi is an engaged and active corporate citizen, one that has a focus on giving back to the community whenever it can through supporting a variety of charities and community-based efforts. 

“It has a global programme of corporate contributions to registered charities, as well as, and perhaps more importantly, through encouraging and supporting its employees to give back and be involved in the community.