FRIDAY, SEPT. 21: In the midst of a recession as your company shaves back its expenditure, your marketing budget is likely to take a big hit.

But, as the advertising agencies on these pages will tell you, now is not the time to sit in the dark.

With the explosion of social media and growth of online direct marketing, there are many creative ways in which you can reach your target audience.

Bermuda has a wide choice of agencies who can tailor a campaign to suit your style and budget. And the economic downturn also means discounts on some services coupled with a stronger emphasis on customer care.

AdVantage, AAC Saatchi & Saatchi, Strata-G, Troncossi Public Relations, Total Marketing & Communications and Cosmic all want to provide innovative solutions for your company. But they stress the need for clients to first understand their audience.

On average we receive 5,000 visual messages per day. How will you make your product or service stand out? The agencies on these pages hope to help you achieve just that.