Nice spot: Our file photo shows a beach at the Pink Beach Club. Some parts of the shoreline are the focus of disquiet.
Nice spot: Our file photo shows a beach at the Pink Beach Club. Some parts of the shoreline are the focus of disquiet.

A group of residents has lodged a last ditch objection against plans to redevelop the Pink Beach Club.

The Hidden Cove Board has written to Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy, after the scheme was shown an initial green light by
planners last month.

Developers Sardis Developments plan to build a 34-room boutique hotel with restaurants and residential units.

But objectors’ concerns lie in the East Beach of the Tucker’s Town property being restricted to the developer’s private premises.

They say they “understand and support” the redevelopment of the hotel.

But the group fears the restriction would mean the West Beach would become “overrun”.

Their appeal letter, which was submitted on May 21, states the group is “immensely disappointed” with the Development Application Board’s decision to give in-principle approval to the plans.

It states: “Our appeal will only focus on the elimination of the East Beach from the proposed hotel property which is unprecedented in Bermuda.

“We believe that removing the beach from tourism zones property will have a negative impact for all of Bermuda and not just our small community of 19 families and families of Talbot Lane.”

The letter goes on to say: “The Hidden Cove Ltd property fronts a small beach that is used by its residents with conveyed access to the guests of Pink Beach Hotel.

“Previously the East Beach was the primary beach for the hotel property and any events were held there and not on the West Beach.

“Although not legally conveyed to the residents of Talbot Lane, the board has maintained an old pathway from the beach to Talbot Lane so that residents may use the beach as well. By eliminating the East Beach, Mr Stephen King and Sardis Developments will attempt to create a de facto exclusive right to the West Beach without due care to the residents of Hidden Cove and Talbot Lane.

“We question the desirability of limiting hotel guests to a few amenities on the West Beach along with sharing the beach with residents of Hidden Cove and their extended families and guests and residents of Talbot Lane.

“By removing the East Beach from the hotel property Mr King and Sardis developments will severely handicap their ability to provide the level of service and exclusivity associated with luxury boutique hotels.” 

The proposed redevelopment is set to comprise a 34-room hotel with two restaurants, a spa, two pools, rooftop tennis court, residential units, a beach club and more.

The $51.5 million project also includes a residential component, with several condominium units and a large home with a groundskeeper’s cottage on the eastern side of the property.

An Environmental Impact Survey says that the project will create between 80 and 100 jobs during the construction phase and a further 56 when the hotel opens.

The appeal letter says: “The developer insists that intensification to the West Beach will be minimal. Yet with approximately 68 guests, the residents of the proposed six, three-bedroom condominium units, the residents of Hidden Cove and Talbot Lane the West Beach will effectively be overrun.

“We have no objection to Mr King building his compound but we strenuously object to eliminating the East Beach from the hotel property.”

The letter further states: “The board and 19 families of Hidden Cove understand and support the importance of redeveloping the Pink Beach Club resort, which will create jobs for Bermudians and help rejuvenate our hotel industry.

“We implore Minister Fahy to consider that beaches are a critical component of a successful hotel development and to eliminate the East Beach from the hotel product is highly questionable and will be detrimental to the success of the new Pink Beach Club resort.

“We respectfully request that the proposed subdivision approval by the DAB be amended to include access to the East Beach with amenities for hotel guests to be shared with Mr Stephen King.”

The Bermuda Sun contacted Vicki Steele of C12 Global Investments Ltd, representing Sardis, for comment on this story. But we were told that the developer did not wish to comment.