Apex Law Group’s Bruce Swan, Chelsea Stirling and Mandela Fubler have seen a need in the community for free legal advice.

Mr Swan said: “We were thinking of some ways to give back to the community and one of the ideas we came up with is by providing some free legal consultations on the third Tuesday of the month.”

Mr Swan is currently involved with helping out at The Centre’s free legal advice every Thursday, but he said the need is so great they can’t get through all the people who would like some help.

“There was some excess demand there,” Mr Swan said. “Most of the people have issues with their tenants, but some people have issues with their landlords.”

He said there were also issues involving child support, divorce and immigration issues as well as some criminal cases,

Ms Stirling said she quickly got behind the idea. “It is an act of service — there is a demand for legal advice or legal help. A lot of the people who go to the free clinic are not sure how to retain a lawyer or what a lawyer does. All they know is a lawyer is expensive and gives a lot of fancy talk. 

“But doing this will allow them to meet us on a more comfortable basis and in an informal environment.”

Mr Fubler added: “I thought this is a great idea. I wanted to give back and this was a way I could give back to the Bermuda community that was free so people could come in and get whatever information they needed to get.”