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Bermuda Day – Monday, May 26, 2014. 

Visiting ships are: Norwegian Dawn, Grandeur of the Seas in Dockyard. 

Banks and Government offices will be closed.

Some retailers
will be closed or on shorter hours. Dockyard will be open for business as usual. 

Some businesses in St. George’s will be open. 

Buses — Sunday and public holiday schedule. 

Ferry routes — Dockyard to Hamilton Blue Route and Dockyard to St. George’s Orange Route will run on regular weekday schedule. 

The Paget/Warwick Pink Route will run on Sunday and Holiday schedule. 

The Rockaway/Cavello Bay/Watford Bridge Green Route will not operate. 

The following attractions are open: 

• Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo, Flatts 

• Crystal and Fantasy Caves, Bailey’s Bay 

• Bermuda National Museum, Dockyard 

• Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, Hamilton – open 12-5pm 

• Visitor Information Centres in Hamilton, St. George’s and Dockyard 

Tourists are advised that the only reason to come to Hamilton on the holiday is to watch the Bermuda Day Parade. Many of the sidewalks will be blocked by parade spectators. If they wish to shop they should come on Tuesday. 

The cycle and road race begin in Somerset at 8.50am and finish in Hamilton. The Heritage Day Parade begins at 1.30 pm. 

Among the Hamilton retailers that will be open: 

Hodge Podge 9am-4pm 

Flying Colours 10-2 

Onion Jack’s 10-2 

Phoenix Drugstore 12-6 

Information courtesy of Alison Outerbridge, Hamilton Visitor Information Centre