FRIDAY, AUGUST 31: Tourism spending has declined between $19 million and $25 million in 2012.

Figures obtained from the Department of Tourism reveal that visitors spent an estimated $106.5 million to $131.5 million in 2012 compared with $131.5 million to $150.9 million in 2011.

Comparing the low end figures for both years ($106.5m to $131.5m), that’s a decrease of $19.4m (12.86 per cent) while the high end of the estimate would show a decline of $25 million in tourism spending, a decline of 19.02 per cent.

The Air Arrivals Flash Report for the second quarter from the DOT says “The decline in personal spending is most evident for accommodations, recreational and leisure activities and transportation/sightseeing.”

Cheaper vacations

The falling cost of a Bermuda vacation was a factor in the second quarter. Package deals to Bermuda declined from $1,578 to $1,410 in the second quarter with 43 per cent of the deals including a meal plan. The lower cost of a package deal meant there was less money spent.

Overall, the amount spent on accommodations for the second quarter declined $70 per visitor from $760 to $690. Americans ($758) spent more on their accommodations than visitors from Canada ($521) and the EU ($371).

Both visitors from Canada and EU spent more on other items than Americans, but people from the US still splashed around more cash on the island than Canadians and EU residents. Americans spent $1,343 on their vacations in Bermuda during the second quarter compared to $1,209 than Canadians and $1,023 for EU residents.

The most important factor visitors cited for visiting Bermuda was personal safety (68 per cent). Other reasons include seclusion/relaxation (62 per cent), climate/weather (59 per cent), natural scenic environment (53 per cent), beaches and water activities (48 per cent), and hospitality of the people (47 per cent).