Quiet setting: Bersalon plans poolside treatments at The Club this summer. *Photo by Amanda Dale
Quiet setting: Bersalon plans poolside treatments at The Club this summer. *Photo by Amanda Dale

FRIDAY, MAR. 9: A recently-opened hair and beauty salon at Elbow Beach offers spa parties and poolside treatments.

Bersalon at The Club offers a relaxing alternative to city salons, just 10 minutes outside of Hamilton.

The salon opened at the Frithholme Gardens new residents’ centre, entitled ‘The Club at Elbow Beach’, in December.

The centre provides the residents of Frithholme Gardens with several facilities, including a gym, bar and restaurant, swimming pool, yoga studio (The Club Yoga Centre) and the Bersalon hair and beauty salon.

Bersalon is open seven days a week, from 9am to 6pm, and offers a wide choice of treatments, hairdressing services and spa packages.

It is already attracting weekly parties of clients with its ‘Spa parties’. Friends celebrating birthdays, bachelorette parties, wedding or baby showers, can enjoy customized private parties, complete with food and drinks organized by the Bersalon staff.

Poolside treatment

This summer, the salon also plans to offer beauty treatments by the swimming pool.

Bersalon at The Club at Elbow Beach is the latest venture for the family business, which owns Inner Sanctum Spa & Salon in Hamilton.

Susan Ternent, Bersalon owner, said: “We were previously at Elbow Beach until October 2010. We had a small salon in the hotel for more than 20 years but gradually grew out of it.

“The salon was very small, with just one treatment room and four hairdressing stations.

“When Elbow Beach closed part of the hotel for renovations we were among the concessions who moved out.”

Bersalon was then contacted by Christine Trott, who manages the resort’s residential estate, Frithholme Gardens.

Mrs Trott invited the business to set up a salon at the new centre for residents of the estate’s 72 condominiums and homes.

The larger premises has enabled Bersalon to open two treatment rooms, a manicure and pedicure lounge, and a spacious hair salon. It employs three stylists and two therapists at The Club.

Mrs Ternent said: “The new space is good for us and has given us a chance to expand into a larger area. The centre is a very nice amenity for residents but we cater for people no matter where they live.

“The first couple of months it took a while for people to find out about the new location, but now we are doing a nice steady business.

“Paget is a great location, close to town, and we have  easy access to parking.

“It’s a very clean environment, away from the hustle and bustle of Hamilton. We give a very professional service and it’s very friendly.”

Bersalon has already catered for 10 private parties in the manicure and pedicure lounge, and Mrs Ternent said a choice of food and drinks is readily available at the upstairs bar, all on one site.

“If groups of about six women want to get together we can arrange drinks and food, whether salads, sandwiches, snacks or sushi.”

But any client can enjoy the bar and restaurant facilities, she added.

“If people want to come and have their hair done or a beauty treatment, they can also enjoy a glass of champagne or a cocktail.

“In the summer people will also be able to come for a treatment and a swim in the pool. We will be offering beauty treatments on the pool deck, which will be another plus.”

Clients in the manicure and pedicure lounge will also be able to enjoy views of a flower, fruit and vegetable garden as the older outbuildings at Elbow Beach resort are being demolished to make way for a landscaped garden.

In the upper storey hair salon, customers can enjoy relaxing views overlooking the ocean and South Shore.

Bersalon also offers Jessica GELeration nail treatments and permanent eyelash extensions.

GELeration gel polish lasts up to three weeks. It dries instantly and is more immune to chipping, smudging and peeling than traditional polish.

Make-up artist Christopher Reeve is also based at The Club and is available for bookings for bridal make-up and other -services.

Bersalon at The Club at Elbow Beach is open Monday to Sunday, 9am-6pm. Drive into the Elbow Beach resort and turn left onto the car park and follow the signs for  ‘The Club’. Telephone 236-5612 or e-mail spa@bersalon.bm. Website www.bermudaspasandsalons.com.

For a review of the salon’s hair and beauty treatments, see Wednesday 14th March’s Life section of the Bermuda Sun or bermudasun.bm.