WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1: A new longtail has landed on Bermuda’s $50 bills.

The Bermuda Monetary Authority announced today a new $50 banknote.

The new note has enhanced security features but it also corrects the longtail picture on it.

The previous $50 bill had a longtail that isn’t native to Bermuda and drew criticism when it first came out from David Wingate for having the wrong species on it.

The new banknote will run in circulation alongside both the $50 banknotes from the legacy series and 2009 banknote series.

Brad Erickson, COO at the BMA said: “The Authority prides itself with issuing banknotes that are distinctive and secure. Our banknotes incorporate the very latest in banknote security and are a series that Bermudians can be proud of.

“The updated $50 banknote is part of our plan to ensure that Bermuda’s banknotes remain relevant, secure and modern.

“This plan also calls for us updating other banknotes in the series, which we will advise the public of in due course.”

Mr. Erickson reminded the public of the security features of Bermuda’s bills, which are as follows:

  • Watermark – hibiscus flower on the upper left corner of the note
  • OPTIKS see – through thread with the map of Bermuda and a tuna fish
  • Secure latent image of the note denomination
  • Novel and vertical series numbering with either a Bermuda onion prefix or an A/1 prefix
  • Larger denomination notes ($20/$50/$100) have an iridescent band on the lower quadrant of the notes