Aldus Aviation has signed on as a sponsor for the Bacardi Par 3 National Championship, which will take place at the Fairmont Southampton Resort on March 23 to 25.

C Travel

After moving to its new location on Burnaby Street, C Travel is now seeking to either rent or sell its old location on Queen Street.

Founder Carl Paiva said: “We moved out of our own real estate as we simply outgrew it. We have now decided to sell the space or rent it.

Mr Paiva said the area has been updated and “it’s in a great location next to Daisy & Mac, Boyles and Makin’ Waves”.


Bermuda’s Emerging Professionals will be hosting a Glo Party on Saturday, March 31 at Rumbar on Victoria Street. The party will start at 10pm. The cost is $10 in advance or $20 at the door. Tickets are available at Secrets, Kit-n-Caboodle and the Chamber of Commerce.