Tragedy: The Aegean Angel tanker, above, lost her captain and chief engineer last week. *Photo supplied
Tragedy: The Aegean Angel tanker, above, lost her captain and chief engineer last week. *Photo supplied
Tales of tragedy and hope have unfolded on the seas around Bermuda in the last seven days.

The captain and chief engineer of the Aegean Angel were killed when they were hit by a huge wave while inspecting the deck for storm damage last Thursday.

Another member of the vessel’s crew had to be treated at hospital in Bermuda.


But there was unexpected good news this week about the Bermuda-bound yacht Carefree IV, which was feared lost at sea.

The two Bermudian men on board the craft contacted the bulk carrier M/V Bay Ranger on Monday afternoon in a bid to take on supplies.

The Carefree IV was about 150 miles south west of the island.

The 31ft yacht, which left the Dominican Republic on December 1, had not been seen since December 18 when the crew took on food and water from a passing merchant vessel.

Carefree IV was expected to arrive at Bermuda on December 23 but extensive searches by the U.S. Coast Guard had proved unsuccessful.

Fears for the two sailors’ lives had been growing until 4:30pm on Monday, when they contacted the Bay Ranger to take on more supplies.

According to the duty officer at the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre, the crew are “safe and well” but tired.

The two Bermudian sailors continued their journey to Bermuda, while the Bay Ranger continued her voyage from Texas to Spain.

Meanwhile, the Aegean Angel has now arrived in the Bahamas after Thursday’s tragedy.

On Sunday a new captain and chief engineer were flown out to the tanker, as she remained 500 miles north east of the island, by the U.S. Coast Guard helicopter.

The helicopter air-evacuated the tanker’s seriously injured chief officer on its return journey.


The 34-year-old Cypriot sailor was rushed to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, where he is making a good recovery.

The Aegean Angel was due to call at Bermuda to land the two deceased sailors but bad weather  forced her to sail to Freeport in the Bahamas instead.

Elsewhere in the shipping world this week, the Somers Isles arrived in Hamilton yesterday and is due to leave this morning.

The Bermuda Islander arrives tomorrow morning and is in the capital for just over 24 hours.