This year's Cup Match is being televised live and unrestricted for the first time in the competition's history.

The move is good news for those who want to follow every ball but who want to avoid the heat and the crowds.

It is even better news for those who will be abroad over the next four days: the live footage can be followed on the Internet from anywhere in the world.

On three previous occasions, Cup Match has been beamed into people's homes. However, the cable service has only been for those who paid a pay-per-view fee. This year, the action will be shown for free on ZBM, on Cable and on Internet site

Producer Corey Butterfield said that five separate cameras will follow every moment of the action. He said: "This is the people's sport, and we want to ensure that every Bermudian who wants to watch it can watch it. If people are travelling, they can watch it on their Internet phones. If they just want to stay cool, they can watch it in the comfort of their own homes."

He added that culturally important sporting events in other countries - for instance the F.A. Cup final in England, and international football in Australia - are "protected" and shown for free on national television. Mr. Butterfield said Bermudians should have a similar right to see Cup Match.

Mr. Butterfield, who has spent two months setting up the screening with director James Talbot, of T&T Video Productions, said that 13 different organizations are involved.

Bank of Bermuda has acted as a producer, with YouthNet and Ernst and Young among the major sponsors. ZBM have acted as media partners, with CableVision and BTC providing their services for free.