Everyone can own a cahow now.

The Bermuda Petrel (cahow) coin was released last week by the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

Dr. David Wingate, who rediscovered the birds after they were thought to be extinct, was consulted by the BMA about the image to be portrayed on the coin.

Alan Cossar, chairman of the BMA’s board of directors, presented Dr. Wingate with one of the coins at BMA House.

Mr. Cossar said: “The Authority is always delighted to issue new commemorative coins.

“We are also pleased to present this year’s coin, the Bermuda Petrel coin 2010 1oz silver proof, to Dr. Wingate in appreciation of his expert advice on the image of cahow in flight and recognition of the outstanding work he has done over a 40-year period to bring Bermuda’s national bird back from the brink of extinction.”

The maximum mintage for the Bermuda Petrel 1oz silver proof coin is 1,000 and the retail price is $85.

The maximum mintage of the Bermuda Petrel 1/20 ounce gold proof is 500 and the retail price is $120 (subject to the market price of gold).

Coins are available at the BMA’s notes and coins exhibit at BMA House, 43 Victoria Street.

For more information about the commemorative coins, call 295-5278 or e-mail notesandcoins@bma.bm