FRIDAY, NOV. 2: Bermuda First Investment Company Limited (“BFIC” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that its 1,714,220 common shares (Ticker: BFIC.BH) and its 17,142,200 5% unsecured Loan Notes maturing 2019 (Ticker: BFICN.BH) were admitted to listing on the BSX at a price of US$10.00 per share and BM$1.00 per loan note respectively, on 29 October 2012.

BFIC is a newly incorporated Bermuda exempt investment holding company that has a number of significant investments in Bermuda local companies. The principal objective of BFIC is to maximize shareholder value as measured by total return which includes both dividends received from its investments and capital appreciation of those assets.

The Company’s major investments include holdings in the following BSX listed companies:

KeyTech Limited; and

Ascendant Group Limited.

In addition to the above, BFIC also has smaller holdings in a number of other BSX listed local companies.

BFIC’s core strategy is to continue to build strategic investments in Bermuda local companies. It will focus on acquiring stakes in those companies, which, based on historical data and in the opinion of the Company’s Directors, are trading at discounts to fair value. In addition, BFIC intends to seek to work closely, where appropriate, with the board and senior management of its investments to increase the long term value of these holdings and to encourage the introduction of shareholder friendly initiatives.

Investors are able to buy shares in BFIC. In addition they can pool their local shareholdings in exchange for shares in BFIC and partner with the Company with a view to energizing and improving the value of its investments by ensuring shareholders have an effective say in the operations and financial performance of its investments.