ACE summer interns learn a few moves from Bermuda's gymnasts. *Photo supplied
ACE summer interns learn a few moves from Bermuda's gymnasts. *Photo supplied
MONDAY, AUGUST 8: One sporting group was beaming for joy after a team of ACE interns helped paint and clean up their training facility.

The ACE summer interns participated in the Annual Community Day of Service organised by the Centre on Philanthropy in July.

This year the student interns went to the Bermuda Gymnastics Association’s training base in St David’s to clean and paint.

Taking part were:  Alanah Bacon, Jacari Brimmer-Landy, Christina Caisey, Rebecca Conklin, Helen Crisson, Robert Jardine, Erin Levon, Korrin Lightbourne and Marcus Wade.

The interns cleared out old furniture and carpet from the office.

The ACE summer interns had the opportunity to meet some of Bermuda’s best gymnasts. They were given a tour of the facilities and were taught some less-complicated gymnastics routines.

Rebecca Conklin, a claims and legal intern at ACE Bermuda, said: “We had the opportunity to give back to a part of our community in need.

“Interacting with the young gymnasts was especially rewarding as they are the beneficiaries of our service. Not only was this day successful and gratifying, but it was also productive as we were able to strengthen our team building skills.”

Jennifer Pitcher, from the Centre on Philanthropy, said: “The day was a great success and it was a pleasure to meet the team.

“The feedback we have received from the BGA was very positive and they hope that ACE interns will participate in future Community Days as the enthusiasm and work ethic was greatly appreciated.”