FRIDAY, APR. 27: Vertigo is a terrible thing to have if you’re on top of a building, but it’s great if you’re trying to develop websites.

Emedia Bermuda Limited announced an alliance with Vertigo. Jennifer Ward, managing director at emedia, said: “This team up allows us to give our clients comprehensive and enhanced services and allows us to provide a level of web development like never before.

“Working with them allows us to dip from a huge pool of talent and abilities. Our collaborative efforts ensure clients get the most innovative products”.

Established in mid-2006, Vertigo focuses on websites and web design. 

Emedia  did a soft launch of their alliance with Vertigo earlier this month, informing current clients and announcing it via social media.

Ms Ward said: “It’s our goal to put out work that is unique and creative. We constantly want to grow, learn and cultivate our talent.

“We truly believe ingenuity and productivity comes from teamwork and a collaborative atmosphere. Given the chance to step back and do something unique or different allows us to come at our work with new eyes and gives us the ability to think outside of the box”.

Winner of the 2011 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award for Bermuda, Nova Limited is more than prepared for anything emedia has to throw at them. They have in depth and up to date experience using a wide range of systems, applications and products.

Kevin DeSilva, managing director of Vertigo, said: “Clients have conceptual ideas and we can help bring these to life with the best practices only experience can bring. We are eager to work with emedia. With their teamwork we are excited to push our creative boundaries”.

Announcing the alliance is the first part to their re-strategizing.