Opportunity awaits: Mangrove Bay has yet to reach its full business potential. *Photo by Don Burgess
Opportunity awaits: Mangrove Bay has yet to reach its full business potential. *Photo by Don Burgess

FRIDAY, AUGUST 31: EEZy Does It! is a monthly column presented by the BEDC’s Economic Empowerment Zones Agency (EEZA). Every month, read about entrepreneurship and business opportunities, obtain business management tips, and find out what’s going on in the EEZ business sector.

Mangrove Bay Beach – A Diamond Worth Polishing

This article is the first of three part series about the Somerset Economic Empowerment Zone’s (SEEZ) focus on entrepreneurial development within the Mangrove Bay area. 

In an earlier article we discussed the success of the Somerset Community Speaks event that took place on February 16th. 

At this event we highlighted 10 business ventures that could be started in the Somerset area. 

Since the event we have had a great response and interested entrepreneurs have been working with the SEEZ to further develop the ideas and expand the vision of a more vibrant Somerset.

The SEEZ wishes to meet with any entrepreneurs desiring to increase commerce within the Mangrove Bay area and build upon the vibrancy currently in place; the area with its exquisite seascapes and diverse commercial activity in likes of Somerset Pharmacy, Mangos Gym and Country Squire, just to name a few, is primed for expansion.


The Non-Mariners Race held at Mangrove Bay Beach on August 5 (congratulations to Sandys Boat Club on their 40th anniversary) showcased what can happen when you bring people with a purpose together around a mission; the event, in all its glory, just seems to grow and grow with no shortage of what participants will attempt to float. 

But what about the other 364 days of the year at Mangrove Bay? 

In our informal polling of a few dozen Somerset residents and business owners over the last  few months we can share that Mangrove Bay Beach is not generally favoured as a swimming beach due to its close to shore sea grass, unkept nature and yes, unattractiveness at low tide.

How then can we maximize the usage of this beach?

To answer this question we need your ideas to come up with the right year round or summer business concept (and business plan) that can maximize the positive amenities at Mangrove Bay Beach and address the challenges that exist at the beach. 

Some of the positive natural amenities include that it is geographically connected with perhaps un-paralleled coastal wonderland in the likes of the Public Wharf, Cambridge Beaches, Long Bay Beach and 9 Beaches areas.

This beach is also near Country Squire & Sandys Boat Club as well as meandering small beaches to Watford Bridge.

What would make the beach attractive?

The SEEZ can help with partnering with the right Government departments for proper Beach maintenance and land erosion correction. 

We can also help work through the best strategies for current boat / kayak / punt storage on site as well as communicating with any relevant parties.     

Can you vision an attractive, well maintained Mangrove Bay Beach with its water craft well organized? We can! – our Part 2 feature within the Mangrove Bay area will focus  on sharing a vision for a business at the Beach that we think will be a winner. 

We look forward to learning what you think.

William Spriggs is the Somerset Economic Empowerment Officer at the SEEZ Office, located on the ground floor of the Prince Albert Lodge Building on the Somerset Main Road in Mangrove Bay – call 292-5570.