Joanne MacPhee *File photo
Joanne MacPhee *File photo

The Chamber of Commerce will move ‘as fast as it can’ to appoint a new executive officer in the wake of Joanne MacPhee’s termination.

Ms MacPhee was fired last week for an outburst where she yelled at BIU workers ‘to get back to work’ as they marched along Front Street.

Chamber of Commerce President, Ronnie Viera, told the Bermuda Sun that a handful of people had already expressed an interest in the vacant position. But he added that it would be advertised and the normal recruiting process would be followed: “While we have had a few people express interest, the position will be advertised and the normal recruiting and interviewing process will occur.

“I do not have an exact time frame but obviously we will be moving as fast as we can to identify the right person for the role.

“In the meantime, we are working on an interim plan.”

Ms MacPhee was originally suspended from her role at the Chamber in the wake of her outburst from the balcony of a Front Street restaurant.

But she was officially terminated on Friday.

Mr Viera said: “Following a meeting of the Board, the decision was made to terminate Mrs. Joanne MacPhee as Executive Director... all of the Chamber’s programmes will continue as planned as we continue to support local business development initiatives.”

Ms MacPhee has issued a full apology for her actions and in a statement said she was “absolutely gutted” by the Chamber’s decision to sack her.