TUESDAY, FEB. 14: The City of Hamilton today announced that the new traffic lights at the junction of Parliament and Church Streets are now fully operational.

Making the announcement was Chief Operating Officer and Secretary to the City of Hamilton, Mr. Edward Benevides, who stated, “I am pleased to announce that the traffic lights at the junction of Parliament and Church Streets have now been turned on. The new lights are also operational at the junction of Victoria Street and Cedar Avenue.

“I urge pedestrians crossing at these intersections to use caution as there are changes to the traffic light system. Once the button is pressed, the pedestrian should continue to look at the monitor above the button which will indicate when it is safe to cross the street.”

Mr. Benevides added, “Likewise, motorists should continue pay close attention when approaching the new traffic lights. At Victoria Street and Cedar Avenue there is a new road layout on each of the roads at this junction. Additionally, the City of Hamilton crew are completing work at the Parliament and Church

Streets intersections. Cones are still in place as the work is being finalized.”

Mr. Benevides concluded, “The important thing to remember is that the Walk – Don’t Walk monitor for the traffic lights is above the button and no longer across the street. I urge anyone with questions to contact City Hall at 292-1234.”