THURSDAY, MARCH 1: The Department of Environmental Protection would like to remind the public that the laying of poison or the willful administration of any poisonous or injurious drug or substance to an animal without just cause is an offence of cruelty against the Care and Protection of Animals Act 1975.

This reminder follows a recently received complaint by the Department regarding the poisoning of chickens in the Warwick West area.

While it appears that feral chickens may have been the target, pet chickens have also been poisoned in this episode.

The public is reminded that pet birds should be caged, cooped or otherwise contained to prevent accidental injury. The Summary Offences Act 1926 requires that poultry be contained on their home premises and should not be free roaming off-premises.

Persons negatively affected by pet birds should first contact the bird owners, and then if not satisfied with results, contact this Department of Environmental protection.

Furthermore, the indiscriminate laying of poison also affects non-target species and deposits the poison into the environment.